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Ahmad bin Yahya

The airline which was initially known as “Yemen Airlines” and owned by the King of Yemen in the second half of the 1940s, Ahmad bin Yahya. In 1962, after the inception of the Yemen Arab Republic, on the same year in the month of August, the airline issued a new license and had become the flag carrier of the country. In a merge with United Arab Airlines in 1967, the airline was known as “Yemen Arab Airlines” which was changed in 1972 to “Yemen Airways”. To end the long naming and branding story, it was in July 1, 1978 that the airline adopted the name “Yemenia.”

Now, Yemenia is a government-owned airline with its hubs at Sana’a International Airport. The growing fleet size of 6 Airbus aircraft that serve 29 destinations domestic and internationally, share codeshare flights with Felix Airways.

Maybe you are wondering how I know Yemenia? Well, I haven’t flew with them and unfortunately, I learned the airlines through the incident that happened last year (March 2015). It is not actually well known news but what happened then was the presidential Boeing was sprayed with bullets from gunfire. This is due to the present war between rival militias. Bullets were fired by the loyal forces of Ali Abdullah Saleh (former President of Yemen).
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Their Website
If the site is in Arabic by default, just click the word “English” at the blue bar appearing on the left hand of the page. Same procedure is done if the site is in English by default, click the Arabic character in line with service at the blue center of the page. However, the official website of Yemenia is not that enticing, it is less-convincing to book with them because the page alone seems not well maintained. First impressions last. Given that downside, their page lets customers search and book flights and even manage and check them online.
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They also flash the latest updates or news about Yemenia and other travel related news. This bar is located at the topmost of the page, right below the airline’s logo. Since Yemenia itself is the national airline of Yemen, they also promote their own tourism on their official website.

Yemenia Reviews of Passengers and Services.
It is sad to say that their official site was malfunctioning that we can’t probe and provide more specific details about services on board of Yemenia. But let us look through Yemenia reviews and see what we can we learn about their overall service feedback.

The 2-star ranked airline was scored by Skytrax with 4/10 based on 24 Yemenia reviews. The score is obviously below the average. What’s worst is the Yemenia reviews are dated back to 2011. No other reliable reviews are found online. Well, the least we can do is to provide customers this list, click here and these images below:
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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:          
  • Contact Number:              +967 1 232 380
  • Contact Email:        
  • Fax Number:                     +967 1 252 093
  • Head Office Address:        Al Hasaba Street, Airport Road, Sana’a, North Yemen

Yemenia Reviews-logoOverview
Did they cease operations or don’t they just really deserve feedback at least ? Whichever it is or whatever it is that might cause them to be a no-feedback airline, it is still best to observe and make research before making a booking. Feel free to leave a comment below.




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  1. The tickets were the cheapest available. The Sana’a airport is very old small and inadequate. They say the new airport should be ready soon. The in flight entertainment is not that great. I notice less delays so they must be doing something good. I like the e- ticketing system. The food was good.

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