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“Prices drop. We alert. You save” is Yapta’s slogan. Did you know that Yapta stands for Your Amazing Personal Travel Assistant? Very creative business name! Now I am curious how amazing they are in terms of personal assistance to wanderlust people. Let’s take a look.

The birth of Yapta
Yapta was founded in 2003 by Mr. Brett Allsop and Mr. Tom Romary. However the official launch of Yapta was on July 1, 2007. Mr. Romary quoted his co-founder, Mr. Allsop, as a tremendous loss for he was an exceptional person, ethical, bright and innovative. Mr. Allsop died in a car accident in 2009.

The current President and CEO of Yapta, Mr. James Filsinger, has been the CEO since July 2012 with a total of 18 years experience in the travel industry.
Yapta Review - James Filsinger
The Official website and Mobile app
Yapta is not easy for non-tech savvy people. The features of the website allow customers to choose between Personal and Corporate Travel.The big screen in the center of the website promotes generally for FareIQ, Room IQ of Corporate Travel.

The two main services of Yapta for
Corporate Travel, small businesses, are FareIQ and RoomIQ: The FareIQ, Yapta’s intelligent price tracking service, allows customers to receive alerts on their flight booking. The other one, RoomIQ, allow customers to receive alerts on hotel reservations fit with customer’s preference.

Save $369 per trip, is one of their on going promotions, wherein customers or small businesses are entitled to save $369 per trip with Fare IQ and Room IQ.
Yapta Review - $369 save

Personal Travel
, customers of non-small businesses, are also accommodated by Yapta. Customers are able to book flights, book hotel reservations and  car rentals
Yapta Review - Page
Their mobile app features allow customers to track prices for flights and hotels, receive notifications, email alerts when prices drop. The mobile app is available in the App store and Google Playstore.
Yapta Review - Mobile App
Customer’s Concern
Yapta keeps getting good customers feedback however some are so worried that this feedback is all made up by Yapta themselves. One reviewer said “I don’t trust Yapta’s reviews. Yapta allows people to post untruthful reviews without even verifying for accuracy. Not only does Yapta allow people to falsify their experiences, most of these reviewers have never even stepped into the establishments they gave a negative review. Usually, these reviews are posted from disgruntled employees or the establishments competition. DON’T TRUST YAPTA!!!”.

Though another reviewer seems not been satisfied enough with their service and said “ONCE I used this service for making my trip successful BUT they are not giving a best and enough trip suggestions. They are only keeping the details of travelling and expense of trip but we require a best guide for a trip that help us a tension free trip along with friends or family.” she gave Yapta a 2 out 5 rating.

Contact information

  • Website URL:                 www.yapta.com
  • Contact number:           (206) 625 2301
  • Contact Email:               info@yapta.com
  • Head Office Address:    159 Jackson Street Seattle, WA 98104

In this Yapta review, the online travel search engine is painting a good picture in the travel industry however it is still bugging me with the fact that potential customers say it’s too good to be true plus their own customers are complaining about the insatiable service. What can you say? Feel free to leave a comment below.



  1. I always get angry whenever I recall how Yapta wasted a lot of my savings. I think I won’t just repeat myself to all the Yapta reviews I read. Yes I am posting this to other reviews, to let them know how dull YAPTA is!
    So let me tell you in one sentence…

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