Yahoo! Travel Review

Yahoo Travel? You never thought that Yahoo! would have Travel assistance functions. Are you suprised? I am too. I wouldn’t dare start my travelling plans with a search engine. If you want to, take a look at these!

When you thought Yahoo! is just a web search engine.
Yahoo! Travel is part of the World Wide Web and is a search engine which was founded in January 1994 by two Electrical Engineering graduates, Mr. Jerry Yang and Mr. David Filo. Yahoo! was initially “Jerry and David’s Guide to the World Wide Web”. Though in April 1994 the changed the name to “Yahoo!

The current president and Chief Executive Officer of Yahoo! began on the 17th of July 2012, Ms. Marissa Mayer, is a 40 year old American born in Wausau, Wisconsin. She was a long-time executive, usability leader and key spokesperson for Google but she’s now the CEO of Yahoo!, something’s odd.

Yahoo! Travel Review - Marissa Mayer
Marissa Mayer

Yahoo! Travel’s page
Yahoo! Travel mainly provides customers the options to search for hotel reservations and flights. The bigger part of the page is a gallery of pictures of tourist attractions or Yahoo! Travel’s blogs. The option to Sign-In is located at the top right of the page.
The page is generally thumbnails of blogs and articles and the head topics are cruise, eat, adventure, roadtrip, romance, snapshot, family and many more. All of these are powered by Hipmunk, a consumer-oriented travel company which is base at San Francisco, California.

What people say about Yahoo Travel?
In this Yahoo! Travel review, the online travel search engine is not  trusted by viewers. It doesn’t have a contact number in case of refund or cancellation after purchase. One reviewer was really angry and so he titled his review in big letters “DO NOT USE YAHOO! TRAVEL. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE”.

In this particular review the customers book a Tower Jr. Suite at Hilton Ft Lauderdale using Yahoo! Travel and after he went to the booking process and paid everything. He was advised that he got a Tower View King not a Jr. Suite. He called Yahoo! Travel for an hour and was passed to a Travelocity representative.

It was the customer’s first experience being on hold for an hour and half and got no response so he just decided to call back. He called back and wasted another an hour, dropped the call and call back. He directly asked for the supervisor, and he was given the run around for 20 minutes then was  suggested to call the Hotel to cancel or rebook his paid reservation.

Again he was put on hold for about 15 minutes and talked to the front desk and immediately asked for the hotel’s manager. The supervisor hung up and left the customer and hotel’s manager on the phone. He was so mad for repeating a story again with the hotel’s manager. After the long storytelling the hotel manager honestly told him that they can’t do anything with what happened because the customer bought it through a travel site and at his own risk.

He had no choice but to pay $95 for a room and later on was called by the same supervisor who hung up on him and was given the option to just pay for $50 and get the room he paid for but he already paid for $95 with the hotel itself.

To sum it up
Just part
To be honest my final thoughts in this Yahoo! Travel review, it is not safe to just book or search flights and hotel reservations if the page itself doesn’t really focus on accommodating travellers and wanderlust customers with their needs and concerns. It’s like you’re trying to buy a keychain in a shopping mall. I would rather buy a keychain from a souvenir shop.



  1. From a Google Executive to Yahoo! Travel CEO? I wonder what’s going with the Marissa herself. Is this something like the spy movies with dual-agent? I won’t use Yahoo! Travel then!!!

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