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XTRA Airways Reviews-Frank Visconti
Frank Visconti

In the beginning, XTRA Airways was established in 1987 initially as Casino Express Airlines and commenced operations in 1989. Since then, it has been flying air services for Red Lion Hotel and Casino with routes from Elko, Nevada to multiple cities. It expanded its service through sport teams, government agencies, press corps, gaming properties and other types of air charter services and it changed its name to XTRA Airways on December 8, 2005. In 2015, their new headquarters is at Coral Gables, Florida.

XTRA Airways’ main hub is at Miami International Airport and it has a growing fleet size of 9 Boeing 737-400 and 737-800. It carries the slogan “Beyond what is expected” and their company description said XTRA has operated for over 25 years specializing in providing safe and reliable air travel, while focusing on personalized customer care in the demanding commercial jet charter market.”. They’re led by Frank Visconti, who is also the CEO of Songbird Airways and President of Tem Enterprises.

The Website
The official site of XTRA Airways is full of information about the company itself, particularly in their service, reliability, safety, program developments and partnerships. Since this is not your typical search and compare page, XTRA Airways, as mentioned above, provides private charter services domestically or internationally. Even the site looks less enticing, the contents are more than what a booker needs. It will also show passengers the latest flight status, charter meals, inflight entertainment, aircraft interior view and updated news about changes or update within XTRA Airways.

Xtra Airways Reviews of Passengers
Based on several XTRA Airways reviews, the carrier is getting neutral feedback from passengers. However, in a forum on TripAdvisor they are actually quoting about the negligence of the airline over delayed flights for like an hour or more. Some stories tell it’s because of the absence of a pilot and some really did mention the name of the pilot, she wouldn’t want to ride with XTRA Airways. Very intriguing.

But this post was the worst:
“We were delayed two weeks ago from CLE to Punta Cana for 12 hrs due to a broken towbar. We are currently here on CLE at least a 2 hr delay (possibly MORE) to go home to CLE. At least 14 hrs delay between two flights…what do you think my recommendation would be?”
– David | January 17, 2016

(For reference:
How To Reach Them?


  • Website URL:                      www.extraairways.com
  • Contact Number:                 +1 844-XTRA-AIR (987-2247)
  • Contact Email:                     info@xtraairways.com
  • Fax Number:                       +1 208 345 3646
  • Head Office Address:          800 West Idaho, Suite 304, Boise, Nevada, 83703, USA

In The End
It’s actually fifty-fifty with how would you rate the overall service of XTRA Airways since XTRA Airways reviews show a great disagreement over using the air charter due to its infamous delayed flights and under sudden maintenance. Well, who would want to get stuck for several hours when you are too excited about your trip, especially for those under sport teams, press corps and others when time is essential?



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  1. I honestly have no idea what is up with the reviews on XTRA Airways. I don’t normally leave reviews but I feel like I need to absolve some people’s anxiety over this airline. I had a great experience for a quick, direct flight.

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