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It was said that this is Iceland’s only high performance low-cost airline. We promise you that WOW feeling and Iceland’s most punctual airline. I am really enticed by their services and offers shown all over the web. Let us see how WOW air services are living to its standards.

WOW air Reviews-Skúli Mogensen
Skúli Mogensen

Origins and Ownership
The current Chief Executive Officer, Skúli Mogensen, was also the founder of WOW air on May 31, 2012. He’s a businessman in technology and telecommunication. The airline is privately owned by him and it’s debt free. With this short start in aviation business, WOW air already won the Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) by Icelandic Transport Authority in 2013.

In 2012, WOW air acquired Iceland Express’s operations and network. The main base of the low cost airlines is at Keflavík International Airport with 3 Airbus A320 and 2 Airbus A321 and mainly serves European destinations. However the recent expansion in 2016 will include North America; USA and Canada.

WOW Services
WOW air Reviews-service
The Icelandic low budget air service was the first airline that offered a one way flight for only $99 starting March 2015, this made travelling to Europe easier and cheaper. This was the main reason how I found WOW air. The airline operates a single traditional class of service, wherein passengers are satisfied with their extensive meal selection available to purchase on board such as sandwiches, baguette, porridge and snacks. When it comes to drinks, they are quite generous with range of choice from juices, beer, coffee, hot chocolate and/or tea.

Extra services includes customers’ choice for seat selection for more leg room. They also assist customers who need special attention and/or customers with extra luggage.

The Website
Initially, we’ll be asking for travelers country and origin to avoid language barrier. After selecting this will lead them to another page with a pop up message asking to join their WOW club, this club is the airline’s newsletter service. The color theme of WOW air is purple aimed is to give a bright and eye-catching effect to travelers.

The official website features let travelers book flights, hotel reservations and car rentals. This is obviously same as other airlines site. WOW air’s page also gives customers the essential information they need such as policies and inflight services including the special assistance and meals. However they are not generous enough to extend their services to mobile applications.
WOW air Reviews-pageWhat People are Saying
Skytrax has a lot to tell based on WOW air reviews, the Icelandic air service has a total score of 6/10 and known for its WOW services and comfortable mood in flight. However everyone is getting the wow factor in some WOW air reviews. The recent review of the low cost airline on November 12, 2015 which the passenger gave them a 2 out of 10 score said:

Boston to London Gatwick via Reykjavik. My WOW air ticket to London through Iceland was reasonably priced and I was excited about the airline, thinking I got a good deal. I had a small backpack and a carry-on size suitcase with me. I have never had problems taking these two items on the plane with me as carry ons before. When I got to check in in Boston, they told me it would $50 to take the bag with me, or $80 to check it. I paid $50.

On my flight from Iceland to Boston, they stopped me as I was boarding the plane and said I could only have one carry-on bag. This is ridiculous, I had already flown this airline 3 times and paid close to $100 with these bags. After arguing for a while, I was charged another $45 to check the bag. All in all I paid close to $150 for carry-on luggage. And not to mention they charged for all food and drink, including water on the plane. These were international flights. Don’t be fooled by their ‘cheap’ pricing. I will not be flying this airline again anytime soon.
Contact information

  • Website URL:          
  • Contact number:               +354 590 3000
  • Contact Email:         
  • Head Office Address:         Katrínartún 12 105 Reykjavik, Iceland

After reading a lot of WOW air reviews, I definitely will recommend this reliable and friendly airline. Mr. Mogensen is really a genius in providing an affordable but elegant air service. I can see that in the near future, WOW air will expand their wings and soon be competing in the top airlines stage. They are obviously new in this business by numbers but act experienced based on performance. Kudos to WOW air!

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  1. The crew are most friendly. The on board service was excellent and standard of the aircraft was good though the legroom wasn’t great. The ground handling done by the airport was efficient even though there were a number of shortcomings at the airport the airline got round them. The price of the ticket was worth the service I received.

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