Making the right choice is hard sometimes, people tend to think not once, not twice, but a bunch of times before doing something important. For example, finding the right online travel site to reach your destination. Where do you even start?

Now, let’s find out if customers made the right choice in choosing Wotif.

Past and Present

Wotif was established on March, 2000 by Graeme Wood in a garage office in Brisbane, Australia. Scott Blume is the current CEO, he held the position since January, 2013 and also the Managing Director since September 2nd, 2013.

Wotif CEO Scott Blume.
Wotif CEO Scott Blume.

In 2014, Expedia bought Wotif for US$657 million ($AU703 million).

According to their website, Wotif is Australia’s favourite online travel destination, really?

Customer Feedback

Looks like Wotif is one of those self-proclaimed companies, because according to online reviews, Wotif is no where near of being Australia’s favourite travel site.

Negative online reviews flooded when they created a section for Wotif. Most of the comments are stating that Wotif’s promotion deals are misleading and the agency is nothing but a crook. Many customers were charged extra fees without any valid reason. One patron shared his experience, he booked with Wotif twice, then he got a message from Wotif saying, “sorry, unable to complete booking at this time.” When he checked his bank account, he was surprised that he was charged for the reservations that were never processed.

To make things even worse for Wotif, negative reviews warned future customers to never make the same mistake they made when they trusted Wotif.

The Website

The settings for searching flights and other deals are specific and user-friendly. Customers can create their account to manage their flights and received updates about latest flight, hotel and other deals.

Wotif's homepage
Wotif’s homepage

“Wotif Hotel & Flights” – Mobile Application


To establish a better connection toward customers, Wotif came up with the idea of their own mobile application. Access to flight and hotel deals is easy with smartphones, the app also shows a gallery of hotels and room features. Customers can also read reviews from previous customers for future reference.

Customer Service

Wotif’s customer support is available 24/7, unfortunately their support service is not that productive in assisting people. A bunch of complaints about Wotif’s customer service were submitted on It seems that customers are having a hard time dealing with unresponsive representatives with limited knowledge. One customer shared his experience with Wotif’s customer support, he was not expecting the representative to say that they’re not capable of processing reservations 99% all the time.

A feedback section is included on their website and a FAQs page for information.


Their main office is located in Queensland, Australia. Their slogan is “Australia’s favourite online travel destination,” is there any truth in this?

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number:1800 781 972  Australia or 0508 283 870 New Zealand
  • Head Office Address:Queensland, Australia


If negative reviews keep on surfacing, their reputation will continue to decline. Being a subsidiary of Expedia, Wotif probably can manage to recover and provide a more efficient service. A lot of room for improvement, but if they were able to push through all these years, who knows, they might make a great comeback or they may never come back at all. Time will determine their fate.

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