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“Now we can all fly” is Wizz Air’s company slogan. The value-oriented company focuses on innovation with the aim to provide travelers the reasonable price airfares. Let us dive into the low-cost airline of Hungary, the land of thermal baths. In this Wizz Air review, swimsuits are not needed to experience the Hungarian airline.

Origins and Ownership

Wizz Air Reviews - József Váradi
József Váradi

Wizz Air traces its roots back to June 2003 when six airline professionals teamed up with the Chief Executive Officer, József Váradi, and this alliance was so successful that after three months the low-cost airline was prepared to hit the skies. The first inaugural flight of Wizz Air was on the 19th of May 2004 from Katowice.

The Hungarian low-cost airline is headquartered at Budapest, Hungary and operates in 21 bases with 63 aircrafts serving over 110 destinations internationally. This year, Wizz Air received the award as one of the 10 “Best Low-Cost Airlines in Europe” by World Airline Awards and “Superbrand of the Year” by Superbrands Polska. Prior to that, Wizz Air had received multiple awards since 2004 and that includes “Airline with lowest fares” by German Aerospace Center (DLR) and “Best Eastern European Airline” by Business Traveler.

Wizz Air Reviews - servicesHungarian Services
Wizz Air doesn’t have cabin classes. Passengers are treated equally on board, wherein travelers gets to enjoy a wide range of sandwiches, snack and/or beverages from their inflight menu. However the airline doesn’t provide any entertainment system but Wizz Air allows passengers to use their personal electronic devices on board.

PC and Mobile Version
Though the site is not following the tricolor color of Hungarian flag, the vibrant colors of pink and blue attract customers with a soothing effect of a clouds background that makes it more appealing. This page reminds me of the theme color of Flickr. The page is generous when it comes to changing the language from English to 22 other languages, which is located on the top right of the page, next to the Special Offers icon.
Wizz Air Reviews - page
The feature of the official website lets travelers search and book flights, hotel reservations, car rentals, check-in online, manage bookings and access to information regarding the airline’s policies, services and their latest deals. They have the option to register with their Wizz discount club wherein customers gets a guaranteed discount of €10 on ticket fares.

All of those features are also accessible in their mobile app available in the App store and Google Play store.

Customer’s Comments
Wizz Air had gathered an overall score of 5/10 by Skytrax and this is based by passenger’s feedback and comments. However, the Wizz Air reviews can’t be considered as all positive because it’s a mixture of complaints and recommendations. Some reviewers are not even satisfied flying with Wizz Air but on the positive note, some say they are definitely going to fly with them again.

Let me share you one of the most recent reviews: Ms. Reynolds from United Kingdom said it was a great flight with Wizz Air. The plane took off on time and landed early, cabin crew were pleasant, snacks and beverages are on a reasonable price similar with other low-cost airlines and with decent legroom for seats. She ended her review by saying “Would not hesitate to use again.” through that, she gave Wizz Air a 9 out 10 rating according to Airlinequality.com
logoContact information

  • Website URL:                           www.wizzair.com
  • Contact number:                     +36 1 777 9300
  • Contact Email:                        info@wizzair.com
  • Fax Number:                           +36 1 777 9444
  • Head Office Address:              Building 221, BUD International Airport, Budapest, 1185, Hungary

conclusionIn The End
After reading other Wizz Air reviews, the low budget airlines is definitely one of the most respected and intelligently created airlines. The Hungarian trait of being smart and sporty was applied to this airline’s practices. As the good old saying goes, “Be a good sport and victory will follow.”



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  1. I don’t know what’s wrong with Wizz Air but i’ll definitely NOT gonna fly with them again.
    If I were the one to make a review, i’ll give them 1 out of 5. The only good thing about them is they shipped me to my destination and the rest is appalling: crew, service, food, cabin, seats, price and boarding.

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  3. In a previous review of Wizz Air I noted the ambiguity of the wording on their website. Having paid for the larger cabin bag on the way out from Gdansk to Aberdeen with no problems I expected none on my return journey as I was carrying EXACTLY THE SAME LUGGAGE!
    I arrived at the airport, purchased a drink a sandwich and some reading matter, to relax after working a 12 hour shift.
    All was well until I approached the departure gate; towards the end of the queue, as priority boarding just means you get to stand like lemmings for longer.
    The first sign of trouble was when I noticed the ugly, fat, inbred female? Wizz air agent at the gate reduce a young woman to tears by insisting that she empty out her luggage at the departure gate to throw things away that she clearly treasured. Mean spirited? Well two Young Polish lads offered to help the girl by carrying on some of her excess items and the evil Wizz air whoore (who visibly seemed to enjoying the suffering she was inflicting) on the check out gate began shouting at them telling them that this was not allowed – how ridiculous, vindictive, mean and incorrect. Then came my turn, I was confident of not having problems having pre-purchased my large cabin bag allowance and already completed the outward journey “unmolested”.
    How wrong I was; first she ordered me to place my bag in the sizing crate, no problem, then she told me that I could not take my laptop bag on the flight as I was only allowed ONE piece of hand luggage (remember the ambiguous nature of their website; here is where the “sting” is). She ordered me to put the laptop bag inside my carrying case, this would never have worked. I started to get angry and she accused me of swearing at her (this is an underhand psychological tactic called “gaslighting”) and threatened to throw me off the flight and call the police unless I paid 55 GBP to put my cabin baggage in the hold.
    They are nothing more than cheap and nasty bait and switch thieves, using ambiguous text to dupe their passengers into paying huge fines at the departure gate. I will not be using their airline for future business flights, I would rather use Ryan Air and arrive at my destination unmolested! AVOID AVOID AVOID!

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