As we sit on a bus during your daily commute or idle away during your work hours, there are times when we find ourselves daydreaming of our most fantasized places. A stunning cafe in a Paris metropolis, a wonderful garden somewhere in England, or perhaps a warm beach-side restaurant in Thailand. This hidden desire to travel is, unsurprisingly, not as uncommon as one may think. The slight but looming longing for somewhere you’d rather be is a feeling that many of us can relate to. It’s known that a large percentage of people, especially those living in busy cities, want to hop on a flight to somewhere far and foreign but only a small percentage of them actually end up doing so.

What’s stopping people from experiencing the wonders of our world? The two most common hindrances are: time and money. People worry that they either have too many things to do at work/at home or that they don’t have enough money stored in their bank accounts. While time and money are indeed limited resources for us, it’s not as meager as we think.

The costs of traveling has been constantly going down and is expected to be cheaper in the near future. With better technology, our means of travel is slowly but surely becoming more efficient. Booking your travel tickets has also been easier and more affordable with the help of online travel agencies. There are numerous OTAs out there which means that the competition for the business owners is quite tight. Which is basically better for us travelers.

JustFly: A wallet-friendly online travel agency

If you want to save money when buying things like flight tickets or hotel bookings, your best bet would be an online travel agency. These companies are known for having the smallest markups compared to real-life travel businesses. However, one OTA stands out and it’s JustFly provides some of the cheapest tickets in today’s market.

This online travel agency is based in the United States and they first launched in February of 2014. Yes, it’s one of the newer online travel businesses out there but it’s also surprisingly one of the most preferred.

How does JustFly do it? We believe that before the company even launched, they have already been forming various partnerships and agreements with numerous airlines, hotels, car rental companies, and cruise lines. While they aren’t the first who did this, considering other OTAs have partnerships too, JustFly’s connections with them may be better due to their lower prices.

Experience high-quality customer service

You’ll seldom get reliable customer service from other online travel agencies. Not with JustFly though. This OTA’s commitment to providing customers with a satisfying booking experience also means that they were also set to form a customer service department that are more than happy to serve.

JustFly reviews from different websites shows us that their good service doesn’t only happen every once in a while. The CSR’s consistency to always ensure people’s satisfactions are met is impressive and it certainly bodes well for anyone who wants to try buying from this OTA. Some customers said that their representatives were so kind and patient that they are even willing to help you go through the booking process every step of the way. From searching for your flight to making sure your personal information is correct, they will gladly go out of their way just to make you happy.

Why use JustFly?

From cheap ticket prices to reliable cusomer service, JustFly is being lauded by its customers ever since its launch. You’ll be surprised to find how well this online travel agency does business that I still don’t get why the company doesn’t get enough credit.



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