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The first WestJet flight took place on February 19, 1996 and signalled the beginning of an elite air travel company. Clive Beddoe, the founder, promoted a policy to offer the best and most affordable prices to make travelling possible to millions of people. 

WestJet Reviews The first Westjet flight ( Boeing 737-200)
The first Westjet flight in 1996 using a Boeing 737-200


Couldn’t be Simpler:

WestJet.com makes booking a flight painless,  with a couple of clicks you can your next getaway, flight, car and hotel ready and waiting for you, and the most important part, they do make an effort to ensure you’re not paying outrageous sums of cash, in fact, They made a name for themselves for their cheap rates, can’t be sad about that, right?

Special needs are even taken into consideration, here’s a fun fact; if you happen to be claustrophobic or have no problem lying about it to secure a more spacious seat, WestJet will accommodate you by giving you one of those illustrious seats with extra room, making you the envy of the other passengers.

Helpful 24/7 Customer service:

Their customer service and support lines are open 24/7 as well, so they’re ready when you are and are notorious for resolving any and all issues in a single call.

That’s it:

Hope you enjoyed these WestJet Reviews. Westjet, is truly one of the best airlines out there they stick to their user-friendly policies. Efficiency is default setting for WestJet and their reputation speaks for itself!

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