Is the Well-Planned Trip still an Adventure? – Navagio Beach Example

If I told you that real travel adventure takes a lot of planning, would you believe me? Probably not. It sounds completely illogical.

When someone says adventure, you’ll think of spontaneity, living in a moment, making rash decisions, everything but not thorough plans!

Take it from a passionate traveler; I’ve made that mistake more than a few times. I thought just as you are thinking now, “I’ll worry about that when the time comes“, “I’ll figure it out somehow,“ and so on.

Traveling with that kind of attitude is a valuable experience, and you learn a lot from it. You gain the sense of freedom, and you learn how to deal with situational difficulties. But, you usually end up feeling that you’ve missed out on a lot of things. You could have visited more places, tried more dishes, met more people, and spent less money. You could’ve enjoyed everything better if you only planned in advance.

After I’ve experienced that bad aftertaste for a few times, I’ve decided that I’m going to start planning my trips more carefully. I don’t mean like plan every second of it and leave no place for curiosity, play strictly by the rules. Not like that at all. I’ve decided I’m just going to explore my options in order to make my travelings more efficient.

The good thing is, planning doesn’t take too much effort today. Everything is on a silver plate of the internet. There are a bunch of enthusiasts, like people standing behind the website you are currently visiting and myself who went on trips, searched, organized, planned, and tried things out. The most important part is – those people are willing to share their gathered knowledge with the world!

Navagio Beach Adventure Trip Blue Caves Zante

I travel to Zakynthos every summer and spend my time there helping other travelers have the best possible holiday. That’s why I consider myself a sort of an expert when it comes to that particular island.

One of the most extraordinary places there is Navagio Beach. Its beauty leaves my heart trembling a little bit, every time I visit. Each time I go there, it wakes up a different sensation in me. It is truly heaven-like.

Navagio Beach Adventure Trip Navagio Beach Boar

Because of the love I feel for Navagio Beach, I’ve traveled there numerous times. My goal was to try out all the possible ways to get there and to experience that place.

After all those little excursions, I found out which is the best way to get there, which is most adventurous, most expensive, the cheapest, fastest, longest, best-organized and so on. Gathering information on accommodation and transport options, I wrote my own Navagio Beach guide.

To give future travelers an objective look on Navagio Beach, I asked a bunch of my fellow travel bloggers such as Becki Enright of Borders of Adventure and Inma and Jose of A World to Travel to share their opinions. You can read their words in the Travel Influencers Roundup section of my guide – there are 20+ travel influencers there!

What I want you to remember is following: planning doesn’t always equal boredom, especially when it comes to traveling; you can always find valuable information on sites like and last but not the least, Navagio Beach is a “must-go-to” place for every true traveler.

Enjoy your trip and take care!



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