Wego Review

“Save time, pay less, travel more” is the Wego slogan. Ever wondered how Wego was able to deliver for the past 10 years? Let’s take a look at Wego! We, Go!

We, Go. Ego. WEGO
Wego was founded in 2005 by a Singaporean Internet entrepreneur, Mr. Craig Hewett. He has been in the online travel industry for 15 years. In February 2012, Wego appointed another Singaporean, Mr. Ross Veitch, as the new CEO.

Wego Review - Craig Hewett & Ross Veitch
Craig Hewett & Ross Veitch

Wego is one of the leading travel search engines based in Singapore, which has regional offices in Jakarta, Bangalore and Dubai.

The Official Website and Mobile App
The Wego website is pleasant to the eyes. Green and white are good color choices to create a relaxing website interface. The website’s main features allow customers to book a flight and book a hotel reservation. When you scroll down you’ll see the airline logos and hotels doing business with Wego. If you’ll scroll further down, the website promotes the latest offers and deals they have by top international destinations and hotels.
Wego Review - Official Website

The Wego mobile app features are similar with the website’s functions.
Customer’s Complain
In this Wego review, the travel search engine is getting a poor feedback and often times is unknown to other online travel agency users. One of their customers angrily said: “They are a bunch of liars. Once I entered all my details and my credit card details they inform me by on-screen message that the airline has changed their rate and increased almost 1000 USD. I didn’t go finish the deal but yet they charged my credit card twice. Luckily my credit card called me and stopped the transaction.

In a Nutshell…
In this Wego review, this online travel agency sure did a good take with their website’s interface. However, seeing all those “I don’t recommend” comments and complaints by customers makes me wonder how they deal with those?



  1. I won’t go with Wego. I don’t trust them before and after reading this review. However this review really helps me to stay away from them. This wasn’t my first time to hear bad things about Wego. They suck all the time! I am now really shaky to trust online travel agencies.

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