HERE WeGo App Reviews 2017

Origins and Ownership

HERE WeGo App Reviews 2017 brand iconTravellers go from one place to another, some with the clear direction in their mind to be in the moment. But, it is always important to keep your travelling time orderly and efficient, so you won’t always feel like you are wasting time, and that is where the HERE WeGo app helps.

Our HERE WeGo app reviews take a look into the travel app’s main services and features and what users think of them. We hope that these HERE WeGo app reviews help.

Services and Features

When travelling, rely on the HERE WeGo app to keep you moving in time and informed on the best ways to get around. Users can get directions to get from one point to another, along with walking guidance, and the option to call a car or taxi to your location. The app’s offline maps – for more than 100 countries worldwide –  can be downloaded for free and used without an Internet connection.

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Whatever kind of transportation you are taking – bike, walking, subway, bus, car, taxi – HERE WeGo app users receive important information like real-time fares or notifications on traffic or transit conditions and even how your walk or bike will be like, up ahead. This way, they can adjust their travel in advance to stay within schedule. The app’s public transit information cover 1,300 international cities, whatever kind of transportation they are taking.

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Based from their app profile, the HERE WeGo app also offers “ATMs, restaurants, bars, pharmacies and gas stations to parking lots, carsharing, car rental, taxi stands, and local tours” you can check out wherever you are, with the help of their partnerships with a number of companies.

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Reviews of Customers

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Based on HERE WeGo app reviews on their Google Play page, the HERE WeGo app was rated with a high 4.4 stars out of 5. The most recent HERE WeGo App were all positive: D Singleton wrote on May 3, 2017: “I have been using Here for a year and it is very good. The audible alerts for speed limits and cameras take a bit of getting used to, but overall this app is excellent. Routes are sensible and you get to select the one that suits you. Rerouting is quick. I had a Garmin sat nav previously, but it was expensive to update the maps, so Here does the job for me now for free.” Another said, “I had used other offline apps but this one is very accurate.”

On the other hand, many HERE WeGo app reviews shared writers’ problems over the app’s routing or map. Now, users have to be connected to the Internet to access their routes, which no longer updated as quickly since the upgrade.

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How To Reach Them?

Interesting Travel Service

I think that the HERE WeGo app can start their improvements by reading some HERE WeGo app reviews. However, overall, this app works excellently and can really help with all-around travel.

What can you say about our HERE WeGo app reviews? If you have anything to add, feel free to leave your comments here below!




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  1. Incredible map app. Worth downloading, this one’s for keeping on my device. I use it all the time my driving’s been excellent ever since.

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