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Webjet was founded in 1998, in Melbourne, Australia by a former Jetset Travel Executive David Clarke. At first, the company was based in a single home office and blew up over time and hard work.

In 2007, Webjet made a bid of $42.3 million to acquire Travel.com.au but unfortunately for them they were out bid by Wotif.com who paid $49.8 million.

Anyways this is a review not a history lesson. Getting back on track, Webjet did manage to provide excellent travel service for years.

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The Circle to Choose From:

Webjet collaborates with over 150 airline companies to provide flight deals and travel arrangements to millions of people. Just like most online travel agencies, Webjet ensures their customers receive affordable deals. However, there were complaints about Webjet failing to update important details to customers about their flights. For example, some customers were furious when their flights were cancelled and webjet failed to notify them, furthering their fury. Another semi-common issue was refund related,  Webjet only allows a refund for flight cancellation when a death occurs, so anything less, like a sudden illness in the family, Webjet does not allow refunds.

The company upholds their standards of morality and privacy, so far, no breach has occurred. Webjet has a myriad of mixed reviews online, everything from happy customers confirming their credibility to calling them scammers.


The Sale Factor:

Webjet.com is organized and clear, making the site very easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for. A majority of their offers are vacation packages for travelers seeking leisure time and their goal is to offer the lowest rates possible.

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The Customer Service: Quick, Quirky and Smart. or Slow, Passive, and Unreliable?

Like the rest of this article, their customer service receives mixed reviews. People have had fast, courteous and friendly service while others got the bad egg on the phone who could care less about the customers need, resulting of course in many poor and angry reviews!

Webjet Reviews


We hope you enjoyed these Webjet Reviews. From their humble beginnings of being a small office to one of the largest online travel agencies, Webjet has been doing an overall great job. They have had their issues, like all companies and therefore doesn’t affect their overall rating too harshly. All in all, Webjet is a pretty great travel agency!

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  1. I recently had an awful experience with webjet that I feel like sharing so that other people will be warned and avoid them if at all possible. I made a reservation to Thailand and webjet completely messed up my reservation. Dealing with their customer service team was a nightmare, and I was forced to cancel the ticket entirely but not before they charged my over $200 to do so. They would not work with me to help fix the issue, and I would recommend using any other travel service you can possibly find before webjet.

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