“Extreme Disappointment with Webjet pricing”

I rarely write bad reviews but I could not hold myself to write about my extreme disappointed experience with Webjet prices.  I usually, buy travel itinerary on Expedia, Travelocity, Priceline, or direct from the Airline websites.  While searching online I stumbled upon Webjet website and found prices were quite lower than others.  So immediately I booked the desired itinerary for my family of three.  However, after few hours received an email that

“We are sorry to inform you we are not able to process your reservation because the airline has changed the fare amount from the time you made the reservation to the time when we tried to issue the ticket(s).

The new airfare which was quoted by the airlines now is $ 3839.88 including Taxes and fees (note travel insurance is separate).”

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I called and asked about the price increase, according to the webjet agent the airline increased the price they cannot do anything, but when I checked on the webjet website the price was still same as it was yesterday.  I did not accept the new increased price and canceled it.

Then, after a few days, I made another reservation on webjet website and the same thing happened.  I received an email that price has been increased by the airline.  So I went and checked the price on the airline website, the price was lower than the newer price webjet was offering but yet on Webjet website price was still showing lower than the airline price.  I did not accept the new increased price.

I tried and made at least three reservations but every time same email I received.  Then looking for an answer, I called to speak to webjet agents but they could not provide a satisfactory answer why the price is different than what showing on the webjet website.

Webjet Reviews experience

Then, just to test I made two separate reservations, one on Expedia and one on the airline website and both reservations went through with the price was offering on their website.

I am extremely unsatisfied with webjet, they show the lower prices on their website to trick customers and once reservations are made the price increases. That’s why I was surprised to see almost $80 lower than others on webjet website.

I will never trust this company and warn others to do business with them.

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