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Wanderu sprouted from an idea of Polina Raygorodskaya and Igor Bratnikov, they were on a cross-country campaign to raise GreenXC and National Parks. Along the way their recorded transportation was cancelled that they struggled to get a bus to their destination. Unfortunately, there are no direct buses at their location, with limited resources they have no idea which bus or bus station will get them there. Due to this unexpected transportation problem, they thought of a market within travel agency. In 2012, Wanderu was born.

Why Wanderu?
Wanderu Reviews-Chiku
Wanderu is a new American travel startup, which provides a simplified way to search and book bus or train travel. They are working directly with hundreds of ground travel carriers, to help millions of wanderers find the best transportation option at a reasonable price. Wanderu now caters 90% of its services to the US and the remaining with some major hubs in Canada. Their partners include the largest providers in the world, including Trailways of New York, Greyhound, BoltBus, Megabus, Grupo Senda, Peter Pan Bus Lines and Amtrak. It is a member of the American Bus Association.

We are fully aware that Wanderu has been aroung just almost 3 years in business and they have already received recognition from several departments and competitions:

  • A finalist of MassChallenge in 2012
  • The winner of the 2013 South by Southwest Interactive Accelerator Award

Have you ever wondered who is the green monkey on Wanderu’s logo? Well, here I found a page where Wanderu explained a brief history of “Chiku” and his purpose, click here.

Wanderu looks more like an online travel agency if you’ll first see their page because it shows a wide photography of a clear blue sea as its background. Travelers won’t even know it’s a transportation meta-search engine till they start searching. Here I tried searching for a trip from Massachusetts, United States to Las Vegas, NV, United States from December 9 to 11, 2015:
Wanderu Reviews-result pageAs you will notice, there’s only one result shown in this example. Too bad, I was actually hoping for at least 2-3 results to compare from.

Why NOT Wanderu?
On Trustpilot, Wanderu is getting an overall score of 6 from 10, well this is because there are only two customer reviews shown. However the most recent review posted by their consumer is a negative one dated on October 12, 2015.
Wanderu Reviews-complaint rate
Mr. Sabala said that he was scammed by Wanderu. He said “Ordered a greyhound bus ticket from Houston to Dallas Texas. Paid by credit card and got confirmation number. Was told I would get an email with instructions on how to print the ticket. Never got the e-mail. Took my daughter to the terminal and was told by greyhound they do not print tickets sold by agents. Missed the bus!!!” with this, he gave Wanderu a 1 out of 5 score rating.
Wanderu Reviews-logo
Contact information

  • Website URL:                             www.wanderu.com
  • Contact number:                        815-255-5294
  • Contact Email:                           contact@wanderu.com
  • Head Office Address:                 80 Bedford St 2nd Floor Boston,MA 02111 United States

Wanderu Reviews-conclusionAfter Wandering
In the end, I think Wanderu is just like Abhibus wherein travelers can find and compare transport tickets of their desired location to destination. The difference of this online transport companies is; Abhibus only caters Bus services and Wanderu serves with Bus and Train. However, Wanderu is not a BBB accredited company.

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  1. I find Wanderu useful and reliable. However I am bit shaky because they’re just new in this kind of business.
    Specially they use a monkey as their livery? Is this a hidden hint for “Monkey Business”? I hope not. Overall, I love your review Max!

    • Well, I was shaky at first to why they are using Monkey as their livery. I can’t sure you with the satisfaction experience with them but maybe they are worth the try, based on mixed reviews.

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