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VRBO was founded by David Clouse and his wife. Mr. Clouse was a computer programmer/analyst for hospitality sites and airlines industries. The couple has been in the vacation rental business for 14 years prior to the commencement of VRBO. They are vacational rental owners who self-manage their second homes. This business was put into an online space for homeowners to easily access their advertisements and search for their offers from over 140,000 vacation properties in 100 countries, this marked the commencement of VRBO in 1995.
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Now, VRBO which means “Vacation Rentals by Owner” was acquired by HomeAway on November 13, 2006. This makes their Chief Executive Officer as Brian Sharples.

VRBO is one of the travel site with a very welcoming mood plus the fact the page itself is user friendly. The calm effect of the almost dawn image completes the inviting scenery which other online travel agencies failed to do. Personally, I love the overall interface and functionality of VRBO.

In this review let me try to search a property in “Buzzards Bay, Bourne, MA, USA” from November 16 to 20 as 1 guest.
VRBO Reviews-top resultThe result page is easy to understand for it initially give a list of the featured ones at the top. This section also provides an option to filter or customize the searching results to price, night stay, bedrooms and booking type. This will be a section where travelers can edit their search if in case they accidentally selected the wrong dates and destinations
VRBO Reviews-main resultThe listing results are shown on the left hand of the page and guide map of the location on the right, every time customers hover their mouse on each property it highlights as well on the map where is it located

I am really surprised that a known travel site had harvested so much complaints and minimal recommendation. Their own customers even considered this site as a perfectly planned scam, fraud and charlatans. One reviewer even said he rented a condo in New Hampshire and two charges appeared in his debit card for the rental and security deposit, what’s worst he never receive the refund for the security deposit after. He called VRBO for hours and filled out a complaint form.

All they told him was they were attempting to contact the owner and was notified that they already forwarded his complaint to the owner. He asked them “What happens if they do not respond?”, he was told that the company will no longer can use VRBO. He again asked for his $1,500, they just responded with “Yeah, Sorry, that is between you and the owner.” He asked for the contact information of the said owner, but VRBO just won’t provide those information. He ended the review by saying “THEY WILL DO NOTHING TO HELP YOU GET YOUR MONEY BACK.”

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Contact information

  • Website URL:                    www.vrbo.com
  • Contact number:               1-512-684-1100 / 1-303-680-9280
  • Head Office Address:        3801 South Capital of Texas Highway, Suite 150 Austin, Texas 78704 

Advice to Revise
Based on several VRBO reviews, I have nothing to complain about VRBO maybe just the customer service where they are harvesting too many bad feedback. This might affect their credibility in time. I was actually shocked that they have tons of complaints despite the beauty of their page and services.

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  1. I have rented through VRBO 3 times in the last year and suddenly this last time I was charged with “travelers fee” of $123.80 for booking online for the very same house I rented 9 months ago. I am very disappointed that this wasn’t fully disclosed before I rented or I would have rented directly from the Management company that holds the rental. I will do my best to bring awareness to others about these outrageous fees charged to book online.

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