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The first true low cost carrier traces its roots back in May 2007 when Fred Jacobsen, Gabriel Migowski, Juan Emilio Posada and William Shaw decided to establish the very first and 100% authentic budget airline in Colombia. It took them a lot of time, that in 2010 they requested the authorization from Colombia’s civil aeronautics agency and this was granted on the 5th of August 2010. However, they officially commenced operations on the 25th of May 2012.

The airlines’ aim was allowing millions of Colombians to take their first airline flight or travel by air more frequently. Through that, customers will have more travel opportunities every day, whether to visit a family member or a friend, to get to know the sea, to close a business or to go on vacation.

Origins and Ownership
VivaColombia is in partners with Grupo, Bolivar, IAMSA and Irelandia and in alliance with Viva Aerobus. The low cost carrier of Colombia has a total fleet size of 8 Airbus A320-200 serving 10 destinations in Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru and United States. The airlines is operating in José María Córdova International Airport and El Dorado International Airport while carrying the company slogan “Tu aerolínea de bajo costo” which means “Your low-cost airline”.

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Juan Emilio Posada

In November 2015, their CEO Mr. Juan Emilio Posada was interviewed by AirwaysNews. In his interviews he was asked “Despite the country itself holds the second-oldest airline in the world, What was the initial reaction in your country that you were going to challenge flag carrier. And Why do you think a low-cost carrier was needed in Colombia?” He said:

The Colombian market is the third-largest one in Latin America after Brazil and Mexico, and size does matter with low-cost carriers.  The country was ready for a low-cost carrier. Plus the [airline] competition in Colombia wasn’t deep, so the time was ripe to introduce more competition here and in the region.

We cater to consumers who pay for tickets out of their own pockets. They are the ones who are most sensitive to cost. They have been amazing at accepting us as an ultra low-cost carrier. Our fares are low, and you have many choices to add on for your experience, including check-in, fast boarding and baggage.  This response has translated in our numbers. We transported 3.2 million passengers this year, and we’ve only been operating for three and a half years.”

Official Website
The site of VivaColombia is lively and modernized. A perfect theme to entice travelers to book with their special offers, choice of font size and color were carefully selected that it expressed a pleasing overall package. The official website also lets travelers to book, check and manage their booking. Also, it provides information of the airline’s services and policies.
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Customer Reviews
Well even if VivaColombia is one hell of a competitive airline, VivaColombia reviews are narrating a different side of the story. The most recent review was published on the 7th of January 2016 when the customer complained:

“Terrible customer service. My flight was delayed then cancelled with minimal communication from staff in Spanish and zero communication in English. Eventually we were placed in multiple charter jets approximately 5 hours after our scheduled departure time. Once at our destination, our luggage did not arrive. Filled out forms and were told luggage would be delivered next day. Two days later I went back to the airport to check and my suitcase had been sitting behind the counter the whole time”
(For reference:
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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: (+571) 489 7989 / 01 900-555-8989 / +1 844-569-7126
  • Contact Email:
  • Head Office Address: Calle 77 #11-19, Piso 5, Bogota, Colombia

There’s nothing more that I could add in this review. Because VivaColombia almost got a perfect score. However, they should monitor now their passenger reviews and feedback to maintain the good standing. Viva! for VivaColombia

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  1. The airline is nothing to rave home about. The check in staff didn’t speak English, the e-ticket only had a few English words. The cabin crew and check in staff looked bored and looked like they were just waiting for their shift to end. None of them smiled. The leg room in very very small. The only good thing is the price. If you want no frills, this is a good airline.

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