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Remember when the famous violinist Jascha Heifetz said “There is no top. There are always further heights to reach.” The airline taught me that lesson too. For they dream big, reach further and climb higher which lead them to a step-by-step process to success. Take a look at how Vietnam Airlines does it.

North Vietnamese Government’s Airline
Vietnamese Airlines traces its roots when the North Vietnamese government started an aviation business as “Vietnam Civil Aviation” in January 1956 with just 5 aircrafts. 1993 marks the year when the airline’s name was changed to “Vietnam Airlines” (VNA) and it became the national flag carrier of Vietnam.

Vietnam Airlines Reviews - Pham Ngoc Minh
Pham Ngoc Minh

In 2002, Vietnam Airlines updated their company logo to Golden Lotus as an expression of their dramatic progress in becoming one of the world-class airlines. The
airline’s company slogan “Reach further” shows a positive attitude towards improvement and growth.

Vietnam Airlines is headquartered at Noi Bai and Tan Son International Airport with a fleet size of 95 serving 52 destinations. The airline is in alliance with SkyTeam as the first Southeast Asian airline who joined the alliance. A 51 year old Vietnamese businessman, Mr. Pham Ngoc Minh, is the president and CEO of Vietnam Airlines since June 2013.

Golden Lotus Services
VNA caters three kinds of services: Economy, Deluxe Economy and Business Class served with palatable famous Vietnamese dishes by selected chefs and a choice of European or Australian cuisines. Wines and juices are also provided.

Vietnam Airlines Reviews - inseat

For entertainment the airlines provide similar in-seat entertainment with wide range of movies, TV shows, music, books and games. For customers who are more comfortable with manual entertainment inflight magazines are offered as well.


The airlines also provide safety measures for customers who easily get stiff over long haul flights and hours sitting. The airlines has this service called Inflight Health, where customers are educated about some exercises that will be effective to ease pain and discomfort. To see more about the exercises, click here.

Like other airlines, Vietnam Airline also have a frequent flyer program called LotusMiles, with the same system of earning Miles with every flight with them. The miles are used to redeem benefits such as discounted airfares, seat selection, upgrade cabin class and VNA holiday package. To learn more about their version of the program, click here.

PC and Mobile Version
The striking Turquoise and Gold colors of the official website of Vietnam Airlines leaves an elegant mood and luxurious kind of ambience. Azul Airline’s website is showing images on the right hand of the page about tourist attractions in Vietnam and promotions of their vacation deals and offers.
pageThe main features of the website lets passengers book their trip, holidays and check-in online. On the top of the page headings gives access to customers to see more about the airline policies, inflight services, pre-flight requirements, more promotions and packages and information about their LotusMiles program. It is not quite visible but further down the website travelers gets the option to check flight status and pre-paid baggage for baggage allowance fees.

The mobile travel app of the airlines focuses mainly in accessing and usage of their LotusMiles program where customers can view or update member information, register promotions, miles estimator, redeem miles and get the latest news and promotions by push notifications. Vietnamese Airline’s mobile app is available in App Store and Google Play store.

Vietnam Airlines Reviews of Passengers
Reading several Vietnam Airlines reviews, there are mixed comments from passengers but most are praises. One reviewer said when she flew with them, the flight left on time and arrived minutes early. Cold towels were distributed before take off and hot towels after his snack. He even noted that the flight attendants are friendly and attentive. However not enough legroom was his only concern as a business class passenger. Overall he said that the airline was clean and he was pleased that announcements are in English. He gave the airlines a 10/10 rating on 19th of October 2015 according to
contact info
Contact information

  • Website URL:       
  • Contact number:            +844 383 2032 0
  • Contact Email:     
  • Fax Number:                  +844 827 2291
  • Head Office Address:     200 Nguyen Son Street., Longbien District., Hanoi, Vietnam

Final Thoughts
Scanning through various Vietnam Airlines Reviews, I learned that positive things happen to optimistic people. Judging the growth of the airlines in slow but sure process honored them with “Best Asian Low Cost Carrier” by 2015 TTG Travel Awards. What can you say about them?
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  1. Vietnam Airlines is not one of the best but definitely one of the good ones. Crew were friendly, food was fairly good, legroom was spacious, generous baggage allowance that I was able to bring more presents to my grandchildren. I will definitely recommend this Vietnam Airlines. However language barrier was the only problem.

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