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Vienna International Airport Reviews-BeethovenDid you know there are Austrian-born composers and songwriters who have played key roles in the development of music? To be specific, they are: Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johann Strauss and Franz Schubert. Aside from thanking them for music, we also have to thank Austria for inventing the sewing machine in 1818. But did you know that Austria has the oldest national flag in the world? It dates from 1191. Imagine all of these interesting historical discoveries and developments by Austria. Let us now see how their international airport made a mark to travelers. Join me as we write a review about the Vienna International Airport.

Vienna International Airport Reviews of Passengers
According to several Vienna International Airport reviews, the Austrian airport had gathered an overall score of 4/10. On a positive note, it is safe to say that VIE had gained a lot of recognition lately from the most recent comments by customers. Even if the 152 Vienna International Airport reviews had a total of below average rating, the recent passenger feedback seem appreciative over the airport’s facilities and services.

The most recent review was posted on the 24th of January 2016 by a Belgian national passenger who said that this was one of the airports he does love, because there was free and easy WiFi everywhere. He noticed that the airport was not too big and it was one of their advantages to have everything in a reasonable walking distance. He ended his review by saying “Everything here is well thought to make the best from the experience of travelling.”

As per Vienna International Airport reviews, the airport was considered to be one of the best airports in Europe due to its neat and generous facilities. Information desks are located throughout the airport, one of which is found at the arrivals (for Tourist Information), arrivals hall (for ÖBB Train Information) and 4 other airport information desks located each from Terminal 3, Terminal 1, arrivals hall-airside and arrivals hall-landside. To keep the travellers fresh, showers are available only in the lounge of the airport as  “Jet Lounge”.

There’s also an interactive media table called “VISITAIR Center” which provides information about the overview of how the airport operate, origins, careers and services.
Vienna International Airport Reviews-VISITAIR-CenterIf travelers want to pay respects by praying, chapels are located in the Terminal 1, Level 1 and another at Terminal 3, Level 2. If travelers have kids with them and want them to be entertained as well, Children Play Areas are located at Terminal 3, Airside, F Gate.

Like other major airports, Vienna International Airport also has ATM machines, currency exchange and luggage trolleys. And if the customer wants to recharge their electronic devices, mobile charging stations are found in gate areas B, C and D. For gates F and G, it is located next to the airport information desk.

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Vienna International Airport Reviews-directions

How to get to the largest airport in Austria? Well, there are actually several ways, but the quickest route from the city center is by the A4. If travelling from the city, it should be in a south-eastwardly direction which will eventually merge with the E60 that directly passes the airport, make sure to make an exit at junction 13 and follow the signs to the terminal complex.

From the airport? Go towards the A4 motorway and look for the Zentrum signs — just follow the signs, it’s essential — till the road reaches a junction to exit.

Location – Traffic – Service
VIE is located 16km (10 miles) southeast of Vienna and 57 km west of Bratislava. The largest international airport is the main hub for Austrian Airlines, Niki and Eurowings and caters domestic and international flights to 15 nonstop destinations: Frankfurt, Zürich, London, Düsseldorf, Berlin, Paris, Istanbul, Moscow, Hamburg, Munich, Amsterdam, Brussels, Rome, Barcelona and Milan.

VIE has 2 runways, 4 Terminals consisting of Concourse B, C, D, F and G. Based on annual reports, in 2014, Vienna International Airport had accommodated a total of 22.4 million passengers which made a 2.20% increase compared to the 0.7% decrease in 2013.

Airport/Terminal Map
Vienna International Airport Reviews-map

Past to Future:  The airport began in 1938. Does the year sound familiar? Well, because it’s the World War II era. VIE was initially a Heinkel-Süd facility or a military airport. However, due to British colonization the airport was taken over and the airport replaced Aspern as the city’s principal aerodrome. The first runway was started building in 1959, followed by the second in 1972. The first terminal was actually opened in 1992 and the control tower operated in 2006.

The airport had already layouted their master plan since 1998 which outlined expansion projects until 2015. These projects included a new office park, railway station, cargo center, general aviation center, air traffic control tower, terminal, and runway.

Speaking of runways. VIE projected that it will need a third runway in the near future, probably by 2025. In the meantime, the renovation of Terminal 2 is still undergoing refurbishment until 2017 at least.

Contact Information:

  • logoAirport Code:          VIE
  • Phone Number:      +43 1 70070
  • Website URL:
  • Address:                 Wien-Flughafen, 1300 Schwechat, Austria

Since Skytrax and World Airport Awards in 2015 had awarded them for several recognitions including: 6th from the World’s Best Airport Staff Service, 6th from Best Airports in Central Europe, 1st from the Best Airport Staff in Europe and 38th rank from the World’s Top 100 Airports. Obviously means that VIE is one of the largest international airport that is reliable to fly with. The airline was even awarded for a 4-Star ranking.

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  1. Good airport arrived at Vienna after an unpleasant experience at Frankfurt and it was like chalk and cheese. Vienna is clean spacious well sign posted and efficient. Took no time at all to get through various checks and retrieve baggage. Pleasant experience at this airport.

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