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“Vayama” is a term used for a cougar, jaguar, thylacine, or any other animal resembling the tiger. I wonder, how it is even related to travel? Well, Vayama was originally established in 2007 as a unique travel site with a massive choice of international air travel.

Vayama Reviews-Andre Hesselink
Andre Hesselink

Vayama is a product of Travix which is an online global company managing an extensive portfolio focused on travelling as well and under brand names like BudgetAir, Flugladen, CheapTickets and Vliegwinkel.

The CEO of Vayama, Andre Hesselink, is also the CEO of GoBear, in which now he had successfully been appointed as the CEO as well of the parent company of GoBear: Woodpecker Asia Pte Ltd. His first success was with Travix that rocketed to 50% of market share in its 5th year.

Vayama’s interface has been obviously left out with its overall appearance. It also reminds me of the layout of EuropeanDestinations. However, on a positive note the services are similar to other online travel agencies. Wherein travelers can search and compare for airfares, hotel reservations and car rentals. Newsletter service as well is shown at the bottom of the flashing images of tourist spots worldwide.
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I noticed that the 90% of Vayama shows or inspires customers to different destinations alongside with their promo price. They even provide the latest airfare searches on the right hand. There’s also a direct access to their Facebook and Twitter accounts found on the top right of the page.

To be honest, I wasn’t surprised that consumers are complaining about Vayama. It physically shows how unprofessional Vayama works. Aside from the page that seems like ages when last updated. Moving forward, all of the Vayama Reviews scanned through are rated 1 out 5 and what’s more they are not happy with how things went with Vayama.

Here are some Vayama Reviews and to make myself clear I mixed it with screencaps:
“After getting home from a trip that took 30 hours and had a little time to think I am sure this company earn their money on people’s mistakes and misfortune. Heartless, worse than a bank that earn money on fees and interest. I just do not understand how they stay in business. Someone is getting paid. State of California should be ashamed of itself. I wish I was a religious man to think that eventually karma will even things up.”
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“Terrible company. Told me they were charging me a $50 cancellation fee, then they double-charged me a total of $105. They promised to refund the charge if I supplied them with certain information, then they failed to refund it. When I called them repeatedly, their recorded message said that the office was closed, but they didn’t say when the office would be open. Apparently never. When I emailed them, they sent an automatic reply saying they’d get back to me in 24 hours, then they never got back to me.”
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More reference:
Vayama Reviews-LOGOContact information

  • Website URL:           
  • Contact number:                +1 650-265-1856
  • Contact Email:          /
  • Head Office Address:         650 Castro Street Suite 120-245 Mountain View, CA 94041 

Vayama Reviews-conclusionAdvice to Revise
The online travel site lacks supporting details of the company’s legitimacy​. Knowing that the leader itself is a genius and an expert internet entrepreneur working out new ideas and building new companies, makes Vayama fall out of his line of priorities. However, before anything else, I think Andre should work on their services first.




  1. I booked on Vayama for Rs 44922 using my ICICI platinum credit card and got only 6000 as cash back whereas I was entitled to 13080. These people are simply cheating everyone by their ads of 50% cash back offers. Please do not fall for such tricks. In fact someone should teach them a lesson.

    • Really? It was less than half of 13,080, not even 50% cashback. Thank you for the courtesy in commenting on this review. I hope others can use your experience as their reference to stay away from Vayama

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