Václav Havel Airport Prague Reviews

beerJust so you know, Paris is not the city of love but rather the city of lights. Are you wondering why? Because it is Prague which is the official “City of Love”. The country is the home to one of the oldest towns in Europe, Stare Mestro. And did you know, if you are a meat lover then you are at the right place! Traditionally, Czech food usually consists generally of meat. Talking about meat, beer here was considered one of the best in the world by tourists.

The capital, largest undiscovered city in the Czech Republic in central Europe is about to tell you how life is easy, fun and exciting while travelling. Now, in this review, let’s check how their only major international airport works. Let’s talk about Václav Havel Airport Prague.

Václav Havel Airport Prague Reviews of Travellers
Unlike other airports, Václav Havel Airport Prague reviews are hard to find. But on Tripadvisor, a forum was started to learn about the services and efficiency of the airport. Based from the listed 112 Václav Havel Airport Prague reviews, travellers appreciated the cleanliness of the airport, wherein some passengers even said that PRG is perfect.

On Yelp, 110 Václav Havel Airport Prague reviews had rated the airport with an overall score of 4 out 5 stars. The majority of the travelers were actually positively commenting on the airport’s generosity over facilities when they said “There are multiple duty free shops, a couple of restaurants, and even a Lego model of the airport in the main entry” and “Plenty of bathrooms and plenty of seating and duty free locations”. To see more Václav Havel Airport Prague reviews, click here.

Václav Havel Airport Prague Reviews-information-desks
Václav Havel Airport Prague reviews were actually true about the airport’s generosity over facilities, wherein passengers will find 8 restrooms throughout the airport. Two restrooms located at the Concourse A near check-in counters A5 and A3, another two near the V.I.P lounge area. The other two are at the Concourse B near the baggage area and check-in counter B1. The last two are located at the Concourse C and Lufthansa Lounge. However, information desks are limited to two found at the Concourse C, one near the  rent-a-car area at arrivals and the other is next to the customs.

A total of 31 Food Establishments and 77 shops are found throughout the airport, to have a better description and the location of each store, please refer to the Airport/Terminal Map below. Václav Havel Airport Prague offers high-speed wifi for 24 hours, which covers Terminals 1 and 2. Just make sure to select on “prg.aero-free network“ to connect.

The best option in getting to and from Václav Havel Airport Prague is by public transportation. Bus lines are actually the best choice of transport. There are Airport Express Bus and  Public Shuttle Bus. To choose the bus route which will be more convenient and near to your location, click the link below:

Location – Traffic – Service
According to numerous Václav Havel Airport Prague reviews, the airport location is 10 km outside of the city center, that makes it very convenient to most points of interest for both leisure and business travelers. PRG is the main hubs for Czech Airlines, Smart Wings, Travel Service Airlines, which serve routes domestically and internationally. PRG has 2 runways, 3 Helipads and 4 Terminals which only proves that the airport is one of the busiest airports worldwide.

  • Terminal 1 is used for flights outside the Schengen Area.
  • Terminal 2 is used for flights within the Schengen area.
  • Terminal 3 is used for private and charter flights.
  • Terminal 4 is used exclusively for VIP flights and state visits, and is the oldest part of the airport, which was opened as a control tower back in April 1937.

Václav Havel Airport Prague Reviews-statisticsStatistics show that last year they had accommodated over 12 million passengers (7.90% increase) and this include their 15 nonstop destinations in Paris, Moscow, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London, Rome, Milan, Tel Aviv, Brussels, Dubai, Zürich, Barcelona, Antalya and Helsinki.

Airport/Terminal Map
Václav Havel Airport Prague Reviews-map2

Past and Present: Václav Havel Airport Prague was actually a resolution to the insufficient capacity of the Kbely airport back in the 1930s and this was decided by their government. In 2000, the political and economic changes had gravely affected PRG. Even new air transportation companies and institutions by then were founded while other ceased operation. The succeeding years were not crucial for Václav Havel Airport Prague, they were able to increase the volume of passengers and even add more terminals in 2014.

Future: The new projects of PRG will soon enhance the image of the public area outside Terminals 1 and 2 and increase apron capacity. The aim is to obtain a bid to reorganize transportation and create an urban concept for the public and development areas for preparing the construction of railway connections and the new parking system.

The current interior of Terminals 1 and 2 is also to undergo modification to evoke the beginning of passengers’ holidays in Prague. These projects were planned to meet growth at Prague’s tourism magnet.

Contact Information:

  • logoAirport Code:            PRG
  • Phone Number:        +420 220 111 888
  • Website URL:           www.prg.aero/en/
  • Address:                   Aviatická, 161 08 Praha 6, Czech Republic

Did you know that PRG was used in the James Bond film Casino Royale? A lengthy action sequence where Bond chases Carlos out of the airport and across the runway was actually shot at Václav Havel Airport Prague.

The airport is one of the must-see airports in the world after their enhancement projects. Believe me or not, last year, PRG took the 85th spot in the World’s Top 100 Airports and was recognized and awarded by Skytrax’s World Airport Awards 2015.




  1. The terminal is very vast and kind of empty….They have a kid’s playing area. There are enough seating and outlets in the walls….clean and spacious bathrooms as well. People working at this airport were very nice. There are not too many dining options tho. Definitely one of the positive experiences at an airport.

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