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Carrying the company slogan “symbol of hospitality”, the government-owned airline of Turkmenistan was established on the 4th of May 1992 and became the first airline in the Soviet Union in purchasing a Boeing 737-300. Turkmenistan Airlines, also known as “Turkmenhovayollary”, is the flag carrier of Turkmenistan with 33 aircrafts headquartered at the Ashgabat International Airport serving over 23 domestic and international destinations. Their current CEO is Medan Ayazov. They are not a member of any airline alliance, but have codeshare agreements with Belavia and S7 Airlines.

In 2001, Turkmenistan Airlines purchased 7 new Boeing 717 because they are clearing out their Soviet-era aircrafts to replace with the modern fleet. This movement’s aimed to enhance their domestic route services.

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Turkmenistan Services
They cater two kinds of services: Economy and Business Class. Both classes enjoy complimentary meals depending on their route length and cabin classes. Like other airlines, passengers are served with their finest Turkmenistan dishes or a choice of other international cuisines. There’s not much difference with on board services and airline policies with Turkmenistan Airlines. Passengers under Business Class, gets the priority board and lodging. To be honest, they were listed as one of the worst airline for Economy Class.

Website Services
Well, the airline’s official site is far better than their inflight services reviews. Turkmenistan Airlines page looks like a green customized Windows themed layout. Customers can book their flights either one way or roundtrip and economy or business class. The site’s language is interchangeable to 4 other languages including English. They also provide flight status and booking management online.
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The headings of the site show Airline, Passengers, Partners, Service and My Account. This are the sub-functions of the site wherein travelers can book their hotel reservation and car rentals as well. To get connected with their social media accounts, the link is located on the bottom left of the page.

Turkmenistan Airlines Reviews of Customers
However, Turkmenistan Airlines reviews on Skytrax’s Airlinequality don’t say they are at least good in terms of customer service, since they gathered a total of 4/10 overall star rating out of 30 Turkmenistan Airlines reviews.

The most recent review was posted on the 22nd of November 2015 and he was disappointed with the service and the staff of the airline. He mentioned that they seemed to be disorganized with their responsibilities. The flight was delayed for four hours and they were not even offered with at least a snack or drinks. The seat’s quality was also bad as he commented plus there’s no entertainment on board which make him experience the worst flight ever.
Turkmenistan Airlines Reviews-logoContact information

  • Website URL:                   www.turkmenairlines.com
  • Contact number:              +993 12 92 2975 / 020 8577 2211
  • Contact Email:                 aviahead@online.tm
  • Fax Number:                    (993522) 35-44-02
  • Head Office Address:       744000 Turkmenistan,Chary Narymov Street 3A Ashgabad

In this review, evidently the Turkmenistan Airlines doesn’t have a good standing when it comes to providing inflight services. Customers are leaving the aircraft unsatisfied, disappointed and mad. Maybe if Turkmenistan Airlines will just work on at least improving their staff’s hospitality and patience then things might get situated. Beside the best thing about them now is their website’s services. I hope they can also apply that to their on board services.

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  1. There were 8 who flew with this run down company – we were delayed for 14 hours! They overbooked our tickets on our return flight – no apology no compensation – no nothing. Pay the extra if you dont want to be delayed – these guys are a complete joke. Book a company who have a customer service department.

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