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Tunisair Reviews-Sarra Rejeb
Sarra Rejeb

Initially, Tunisair was established in 1948 as Société Tunisienne de l’Air with their first Managing Director, Rene Lefevre, though the airline took time before commencing operations. They acquired their first DC 4 in 1956 and in the same year they initiated non-stop flights from Tunis to Paris. Now, their current CEO, Sarra Rejeb was appointed in April 2015 replacing Salou Saghir.

The main hub of Tunisair is located in Tunis-Carthage International Airport with a fleet size of 32 catering 100 destinations internationally. Tunisair is not any member of the three big airline alliances, but is a member of the Arab Air Carriers Organization.

Since 2005, Tunisair was simultaneously nominated with the award of “Africa’s Leading Airline” by World Travel Awards. However, the credibility of the airline was questioned after several unrelated incidents keep happening since 2012 till this year, like runway excursions and bird strikes. To see the stories, click here.

Tunisair Reviews-inflight mealsTunisian Services
Tunisair has two cabin classes specified as Economy and Espace Privilege Class. The Espace Privilege class is also known as the airline’s Business Class. Passengers are served with complimentary meals and drinks from famous Tunisian dishes or international cuisines. However, this is limited to Economy class passenger which will depend on their flight route. Special meals are also pre-ordered.

Tunisair also keeps their passengers on board entertained with their inflight magazine, La Gazelle. In La Gazelle, customers can grasp the latest fashion, trends, news, education and even business related topics, but this magazine majority focuses on Tunis tourism.

The Website and Mobile App
The official website of Tunisair will initially ask customers to select their country or language to avoid language barrier problems. Here you can see an overview of the page:
Tunisair Reviews-page
As noticeable, the background gives a relaxed and calming effect to travelers with its sky or cloud image and flying dandelion. News flash in words is shown on the top of the page telling the consumers about the latest updates within the airline’s policies, procedures and services. Like other airline, the page lets travelers to book flights, hotel reservations and car rentals. Customers can also access the site to manage their bookings and check flight status.

Tunisair’s mobile application is also available in the App store and Google Play store wherein customers can avail the same services as for the PC version. They even recently updated their mobile application’s features and functionality to enhance the travel app’s technicality.

Tunisair Reviews of Customers
Given the simplicity of Tunisair, the national airline of Tunis had a below average rating by their overall customer reviews. A total of 5/10 was scored by Skytrax’s Airlinequality.com. This might be the reason why the recent Tunisair reviews show as being poor or fair. The latest review posted was on the 9th of November 2015, wherein the customer had two flights with Tunisair.

He found Tunisair as a legacy carrier operating at a low cost. He said that the complimentary food and drinks served are very basic and inedible. However, he noticed the crew’s confusement that he even said they seemed to be a little lost and can’t even check visa requirements orderly. What made them rate Tunisia 5/10 in this review was the fact the airline was new and neat.
Tunisair Reviews-logoContact information

  • Website URL:                        www.tunisair.com
  • Contact number:                   +216 70 837 000
  • Contact Email:                      resaonline@tunisair.com.tn
  • Fax Number:                         +216 70 836 900
  • Head Office Address:            Tunisair Building 7 Novembre 1987 Street PO Box 2035 Carthage, Tunis

After reading various ​Tunisair reviews, I am quite puzzled with the unwanted and timely incidents occurred with the flag carrier of Tunis. The airline’s overall performance seems fair enough, but I have a strong gut feeling someone is sabotaging their maintained standing in the aviation. I strongly believe that Tunisair can get better in time. What can you say? A penny for your thoughts?

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  1. Pleasant experience. After a terrible experience with my previous carrier, this airline was a breath of fresh air. Modern aircraft with reasonably comfortable seating and efficient procedures all round.

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