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Trivago is an online hotel search engine and a GmbH company, that stands for Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung in German which means ‘company with limited liability’. The German online hotel agency was founded in 2004 by three key people: Peter Vinnemeier, Malte Siewert, and Rolf Schrömgens. In 2012, Expedia bought 61.6% of Trivago for a stock deal worth €477 million.
Tim Williams
As part of Trivago’s growth advertisement, Tim Williams used to appear in their ads with a long hair and beard wearing a shirt that needs buttoning. Now he has a cleaner appearance because his old role with a German soap opera was over.

Trivago compares sites from over 900,000 hotels and hotel chains, 250 booking sites including Expedia, Hotels and Priceline. The site receives 120 million monthly visitors, 52 from live markets and serving 33 languages. Trivago is a worldwide IT company with over 150 international IT specialists  working for them.

I was surprised with the interface of Trivago for it’s just a white page with their logo on the top center and a large font in the middle saying “We know everything about hotels”; if I am not mistaken this is like a website and mobile site stylized page into one. Let us see how Trivago works. After searching for a specific hotel, now the page got lively enough. (In this review I searched for Portland’s Heathman Hotel from November 9 to 13 for a single bedroom.)
Trivago Reviews - search result page
The result page seems easy to navigate and understandable, it shows how the stars and ratings are scored on the left hand, the prices shown on the results are quite noticeable for its showing next to the view deal button is the online travel site where the offer was given. I clicked the view deal and as expected, it directed me to another travel site; on a positive note even when I am redirected away from Trivago, the offer didn’t change.

Trivago also has a mobile app aside from the website itself. The mobile travel app is ready to be downloaded by any iOS and Android users. Well the mobile doesn’t have new features because like other travel sites, the mobile app is just a replica of the website version accessible in a mobile phone.

Trivago gathered an average score from overall score of Trivago reviews. It means that the hotel meta search engine is not really consistent in terms of customer’s feedback maybe because they are more focused on their market and often times forgot who brought them to those numbers. Some Trivago reviews said that the company has fraudulent advertising but most of them want others to stay away from Trivago due to their bad experience with them, which makes Trivago unreliable.

One reviewer was also angry when he said
“I’ve made a reservation thru Trivago with Seneca Niagara Casino Hotel for Jul.2-Jul.3 (1 night) but for more than 48 hours still didn’t get the email confirmation. Couple requests were made online and to to no avail. I didn’t want to be screwed at the moment of checking-in” and because of that he gave Trivago a 2 out 5 rating.
Contact information

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  • Contact number:             212-208-1439
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  • Head Office Address:      Bennigsen-Platz 1, 40474 Düseldorf, Deutschland, Germany 

Trivago Reviews - thinkingAdvice to Revise
After reading tons of Trivago reviews​, I am not that convinced with their credibility. First, why bother make a simplified way to access your page via a PC or mobile version if they already have a mobile app? Second, they have to keep in mind that creativity and independency are two of the most important characteristics a business should have and obviously they lack both. I hope you find this review as a healthy criticism. Feel free to leave a comment below.



  1. Avoid this site! I tried to change a ticket and they wanted to charge me $75 for their change fee, $75 each leg for the airlines… and $190 for the “difference in fare.” Except that the fare was available for the same price. I even asked how much it would be if I wanted to purchase a second ticket, and they quoted me the cost of my original ticket… but if I wanted to change it, suddenly only expensive flights were available, for $190 more. Geez! I asked for a supervisor and they hung up. AVOID.

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