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Tripoto Reviews-Michael Lyngdoh-Anirudh GuptaWhile taking an MBA at Indian School of Business in Hyderabad, Michael Lyngdoh and Anirudh Gupta came up with the idea of a travel startup that will share travel tips online, which was known as Tripoto nowadays. Prior to the commencement of Tripoto in September 2013, Mr. Gupta already established another startup company name Notion Ink. This makes Mr. Gupta a businessman with extensive background on internet entrepreneurship. Michael also founded another startup company prior to Tripoto and that was Space-based solar power.

The site was featured on YourStory’s blog, where Gupta said “We faced a lot of challenges in building the technology team and invested a lot of time to get good people on board”. Michael also said “We will make concentrated efforts to scale our travel community globally and make Tripoto the preferred choice for travellers when it comes to sharing their travel itineraries and stories, both on the web and mobile”. This only proves that the combination of the two geniuses also took hardship to build and organize Tripoto as it is now.

What is Tripoto?
Tripoto is a travel trip planner site, where travelers can freely share their adventures, stories and experiences which links one traveler to another traveler by stories. As noticeable, the design of Tripoto is pretty similar to Pinterest since its main features is to share the trip information of a traveler. And yes, anyone can share their experiences by let alone going to the site.

The header of the site lets customers get to a specific page where they can view the trip videos, photo blogs, travel guides and itineraries. To access their social media accounts, the option is located on the bottom left of the page.

Tripoto Reviews-mobileappTripoto Reviews of Users
There was one review posted in July 2015 on Trustpilot’s Tripoto reviews, and this feedback was rated ⅕ when the consumer said “Always have problem while accessing the website. When I booked a hotel in Kolkata. Always some issue, server down. Recommend not to use it.”

However, the mobile app of Tripoto has another story, The travel app was acknowledged for its performance and features. They even got an almost perfect overall star rating based on Carpatair reviews of the travel app users. One reviewer even said:

“Nice way to tickle the spark of travel in you An amazing account of experiences of people which cockles your heart and kindles the feeling of a nomad in this huge world. Inspirational at times, scenic otherwise the app is a good way to know a number of new places and the perspective of people on how they achieve the feat of going around and travelling economically yet enjoying thoroughly”
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In A Nutshell
Tripoto is not an online travel agency, it’s a travel trip planner online which assists you with your travel itineraries. This wonderful blog reading and experience sharing site is one of the reasons why travel startups are being praised. If internet entrepreneurs will keep coming up with creative travel sites, surely the travel industry will be at volume in business marketing.



  1. This site is certainly a creation of a genius. I would love to download the app in my samsung and share my travel experiences as well.

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