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​The travel site based in Athens, Greece is owned and operated by another online travel agency; Altair Travel Agency S.A.. Altair was established in 1980 and became one of the first successful travel sites in Greece. The two travel sites don’t have a CEO but a director, Spyros Peroulis. However this person doesn’t even have a picture, history or even a brief distribution of his existence.
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Looking at Tripair, I thought, I was in Flickr. Seriously, the pink and blue theme colors of the travel site give me the social media vibe not travel. However the calm cloud background and a picture of ferry promotions remained the travelling thought of the page. Unlike other travel sites or airlines of servicing flight, hotel reservations and car rentals comparison, Tripair also has an option to assist customers how to search and book for ferry tickets online.

I got curious how it works, in this review let us try using their Ferries services. I entered from Skiathos to Volos (which are islands and cities in Greece) from November 16 to 20, 2015 for 1 passenger.
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The page shows a list of ferry shipping companies’s offer, the shipcraft model, duration time and indicative time. The result can be sort to round trip or one way. Completing the whole ferry ticket reservation comes with 5 steps: Searching, availability, passenger details, payment and confirmation. All transactions are payable via debit card only.

Based on specific Tripair reviews, the online travel agency is receiving lot of complaints and negative feedback directly from its consumers. However Trustpilot gave them an overall score of 5.6 out of 10 rating, this only proves their all-in-all Tripair reviews is just average. Some reviewers are pointing the travel site as the worst customer service ever and hidden cost was also proven. One review even said that her published review about them is rated minus 100 star.

In that review, she called Tripair for an urgent matter but they insist on asking her to just email them and wait for a response. That was something not done with urgency. She ended her review by saying “Totally inconsiderate, I tried to explain but they hang up on me.”
Another reviewer said they have hidden charges and asked travelers to avoid the travel site. He even mentioned “Low price used to appear cheap in search engine, then they hit you with transaction costs”. He was also angry about the debit payment only policy of the company that he said “What planet is your company based on?”

None of these Tripair Reviews were answered by Tripair. Is this travel site really that self-centered?
Tripair Reviews-logoContact information

  • Website URL:          
  • Contact number:               +44 203 318 2028
  • Contact Email:        
  • Fax Number:                     +30 210 946 9270
  • Head Office Address:        26, Pentelis str, 175 64, Palaio Faliro, Athens, Greece

Tripair Reviews-adviceAdvice to Revise
Judging through several Tripair reviews, the Greek online travel agency was insensitive to customer’s concerns which even they are painting a nice picture in travel marketing, marks them down as a scam or fraud company to stay away from. Avoidance is one of the reasons why business won’t progress despite the sales and numbers. I think Tripair needs a legit leader and people who empathize or at least know how to address traveler’s concerns. Feel free to leave a comment below.



  1. Awesome! This is cool! Thanks Max for this heads-up review about Tripair. Do you have any suggestion for a travel site which is not as fishy as this? Something reliable to use and book my future flights with.

    • Hi Jimmy, Yes, I can recommend Expedia, FlightHub or Hipmunk. Please make sure if you’re not booking with any of this 3 travel sites. Double check the credibility of the company by searching for customer reviews

  2. Please dont trust them. I didnt read any reviews before i booked with them and let me tell you, i regret big time. They simply dont accept cancellations. I´ve lost a lot of money. Please dont make the same mistake. Spread the word.

  3. I booked 2 flights for my son and his friend in September to come visit me over christmas. Yesterday i received an email to say his ticket had been changed. They were to fly to me in Orlando. The flight Tipair offered me only got them to boston. They said they couldn’t get him on a connecting flight to Orlando????? I called them and spoke to a very rude person who was no help. I called KLM who were equally as useless. I received 1 mail from them to say they cannot offer me any other flights and i need to decide if i am cancelling. I have since mailed them 5 times and have not received a response. My concern now will i get my refund. I haven’t seen my son in 7 months and i need to book a new flight.. This has been an extremely stressful and upsetting experience. I now do not get to see my sons for Christmas!!! Absolutley shocking service!!!

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