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What is TRIP?
Trip is one of the least known online travel agencies. It just so happens that I stumbled upon the site which is why I decided to write a review about them. There’s nothing much to be found about Trip when you tried to Google them or what because the name itself is too general and will lead you to different unrelated stuff around the web. So here, let me go ahead and tour you to its page.

Pros and Cons
Basically Trip has a simple layout with plain colors of white, red and fading blue. Trip’s company logo show’s a briefcase and “.com” is the price tag wherein the company logo states “Search, Compare, Choose. Trip.”. Well to my understanding it gives travellers the option to search for airfare, compare them, choose and take a trip.

Let’s flake out the sections of Trip!Trip Reviews - pageBasically what I can grasp here, Trip lets travellers search for flights by entering details with location, destination by city or airport, date of departure and return and how many travellers. However, after I entered the details needed I didn’t see any icon to click on search or find. That’s odd.

Another option with Trip is it lets you search for hotel reservations with the hotel section located in the header of the page. However when I clicked it, I was redirected to main page. This site gets on my nerves. I had difficulty just to get the page to load. Loading seriously takes forever.

The cruise, car and vacation rentals section directs you automatically to the main page of Orbitz. This is actually terrible.

Deals section finally get me somewhere. This section actually shows a list of hotel deals shown by two digit prices, some airport locations and there is a button next to that to grab the deal. All of the price listings and deals are powered by Orbitz.

Trip Reviews - newsletterWhile browsing Trip, a pop-up message shows up over the page and prompting email subscription or more like a newsletter program for travellers to sign up their email and home airport (should be US airports only). If customers missed the pop up message, the option to sign up is shown on the main page at the top right part of the page

Another fact I notice about Trip, it is powered by several sites. So this means this site doesn’t stand alone or doesn’t have its own backbone Sponsored Trip Link are listed and shown on the right hand part of the page.

The later part of Trip shows a list of Popular Trip Guides either national and international guides, cheap flight deals which is all link after link. However what really caught my attention, Trip doesn’t have a founder, CEO, contact number or email and not even history. However I found out that Trip shows a UK version of the page. I clicked it and it just led me to one of their sponsored site.

I am really shaky about the usage of this site. It’s like cybersquatting. I can’t even find a complaint about Trip. As good old saying states “When it’s too good to be true, then it’s not true.”

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  1. I wonder how hard it is to name a travel company with “Trip”?
    The name is too general and I don’t really trust this site’s performance and service.
    I tried using Cheap Air and FlightHub they are way more better than this Trip.

  2. Approached Trip for help with honeymoon in Venice. Foolishly ended up paying a deposit for four nights later this year – before realizing I could book the same hotel (with a better quality room) and the same flights for less money than that quoted by Trip (this includes taking into account the deposit which we couldn’t get back). Rookie error – but I wouldn’t be using Trip again

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