There are certain Pros and Cons with Online Travel Agencies. The Pros are of course, good income, connection to different travel companies, awards and many more. There’s actually only one overall encompassing con, failure. The potential of failing for online travel agencies is high, if the entire operation is weak and unstable. So imagine everything you invested to start a company, then simple mistakes are pointed out by customers until the burden becomes heavier and crushes you.

TravelZoo managed to stay alive all these years, how is the company doing these days?

The Predecessor and The Successor

TravelZoo was founded in May, 1998 in Mountain View, California, USA by Ralph Bartel, a former print and television journalist.

On July 1st, 2010, Christopher Loughlin became the CEO and is upholding the position up to now. TravelZoo is in possession of other company products, TravelZoo Website, Top 20, NewsFlash, SuperSearch, TravelZoo local deals and Each of these products have their own purpose. For example, Top 20 provides a list of 20 best travel deals to customers every wednesday via email.

Christopher Loughlin, CEO of TravelZoo

Online Comments

According to online reviews, TravelZoo seems to be doing pretty well after all these years. There were customers happy about the way TravelZoo does business and the deals they promote are reliable.

One thing to worry about is a review stating one customer was trying to book a deal with TravelZoo for two years, but was never able to do so. Do you think he’s lying to damage TravelZoo’s reputation? Another fellow said that TravelZoo is “Absolutely Useless,” according to him the website is disorganized and cluttered.

The website interface is not properly managed by the company and their web developers, because according to some customers unnecessary information and annoying pop-ups keep on appearing one after another. On, TravelZoo only got  2.8 out of 5 star rating.


The Website

TravelZoo's homepage
TravelZoo’s homepage

TravelZoo mainly focuses on promoting general travel deals rather than just flight deals. Customers can look and book flights easily, they also provide services for hotel, cars, cruises, restaurants and spa arrangements. Their goal everyday is to provide the best deals possible. Instead of only feedback, TravelZoo allows customers to share suggestions for the benefit of both.

Portable Service

TravelZoo Mobile App

TravelZoo created their own Mobile application mainly to notify customers about their latest deals. The mobile app also takes your location into account and shows you the nearest deals around you.  

Customer Support

Their phone line is open 24/7, they also allow email support for individuals with disabilities like hearing impaired or mute. A support page is also available on their website with general information about travel processing.


Their main office is based in New York, USA, they also have branches in Mountain View, California, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Toronto and more. TravelZoo operates with the help of 250 “Deal Experts,” researching, evaluating and monitoring hundreds of offers daily.

In 2006, included TravelZoo as one of the best websites for travel-related matters and information.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +44 (0) 20 3564 3000
  • Contact Email:
  • Head Office Address: New York, City


TravelZoo seems to be doing pretty well, but there is still a lot of room for improvement, especially on their website. There’s no telling what might happen to TravelZoo in the near future, but they really need to do something about the negative reviews they’ve been receiving.



  1. I booked a hotel reservation with a good price and the hotel features were awesome. When I confirmed my reservation to the hotel company, I was surprised that the hotel features presented in TravelZoo were a not included in my reservation. I ended up paying extra. Not cool, ZOO!

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