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Travelup was founded in 2004 and that’s the only information given about the history of the company. However, their social media accounts show that Travelup was founded on the 1st of January 1998. Whether of which, it’s quite confusing. It is somehow shown that the founder of F6S is also the leader of Travelup, Leslie-Ann O’Brien. Feel free to be the judge.

Well, that’s an odd way to start a review about a British online travel agency. But there’s not much information found about the origin and ownership of the travel site. However, based on their company description, Travelup had been servicing customers with their travelling needs. They had an extensive experience for over ten years now in providing affordable rates from their Reading base. The following services they cater are: flights, hotel reservations, car rentals, travel insurance, airport parking and Australian visas.

Travelup layout is simple and full of offers. On the left hand it shows the how many likes the site had gathered from Facebook and how many followers does Travelup had on Twitter. It is noticeable that the company’s theme is blue and clouds, to leave the customer with a calm and relaxing mood. Travelup keeps showing their latest customer reviews, but there’s no image of a person and even a name, in each review.
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On the right hand side of the page it shows a moving list of special offers in UK airports in alphabetical order that includes duration date and price. At the bottom of this service, Travelup provides the latest Travel news and other travel related services such as passport offices, travel insurance and weather guides.

Payments are done via credit card, but there will be a 2 % charge on all major credit cards such as Visa, Delta, Amex, Maestro and Mastercard. If customers are confused on how to navigate the site, the option to call for assistance is shown on the top left.

According to several Travelup reviews, the online travel meta search engine is getting mixed feedback from customers. Some are positive, but the majority are complaints. Most of the reviewers are asking the reader or potential consumers to avoid the company at all causes. She rated Travelup with a ⅕ star rating when she said:

Travelup Reviews-waiting“I booked a flight for £350. Cancelled the flight (a long time before it was due). Got told I could only get back £40. At no point while booking was I informed of this. I put in a complaint. No answer. I put in another complaint, still no answer. I write a complaint letter to them to their Reading office, still no answer.”

More than six months later I have to chase them to get at least the £40. I mention my complaints again. Nothing. A year later still no reaction to complaint.”
For reference:
Travelup Reviews-logoContact Information

  • Website URL:                 
  • Contact number:                      0118-956-6464 / 44 87 1250 2510
  • Contact Email:               
  • Fax Number:                            44 11 8324 8888
  • Head Office Address:               511, Oxford Road Reading,  RG30 1HF United Kingdom

Advice to Revise
To be honest, I am not quite sure with the credibility of this travel site. But just to make sure, we scanned through Travelup reviews. And as mentioned above it didn’t show a pretty picture to raise the legitimacy of the site. Maybe because the initial build up of the company wasn’t even enough. If a business is successful, then there should be brief history on how it started and routed to where it is now.

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