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Simon Nixon

An Offspring of Moneysupermarket

Mr. Simon Nixon is a rich young entrepreneur who started the idea for Moneysupermarket in 1999. He was a student at Nottingham University and shortly after leaving the university he became a mortgage advisor. That’s when he launched his ever successful moneysupermarket which provides mortgage information online. Soaring high with his masterpiece Mr. Simon’s revenue created three more businesses; Money, Insurance and Travel verticals. The travel vertical was later known as TravelSupermarket in 2003.

Let us chunk information. TravelSupermarket promotes their slogan “Get away for less” with the features of providing travellers the option to find flights, search for hotel reservations, car hire and holiday such categorize the beach, city, lake, mountain and ski. You’ll notice, TravelSupermarket focuses mainly on promoting deals and packages for holidays.

The background is a picture of beach goers under the steady sun near the seashore and it’s a perfect image resemblance for a holiday or vacation. With the matching colors of orange, blue, white and red you get the feel of summer when visiting the site.
TravelSupermarket Reviews - pageTravelSupermarket is a partner with Orbitz, a section shows a list of hotel packages with price deals. Orbitz is an American online travel agency optimized to assist customer with their online hotel reservation needs.

TravelSupermarket promotes a list of holiday suggestions with a reasonable price and a section shown midway through the page is categorized into more attractions for travellers: Top Deals – takes customers to another page where they can get to know the most booked deals; Summer holidays is a page where customers are guided with offers for this upcoming summer of 2016; City Breaks takes customers to a step on how to compare the best city break offers with the best reasonable prices; All Inclusive is pretty much self explanatory, customers get the best deal from overall categories and it’s a popular option for savvy wanderlust travellers.

I scanned a lot of TravelSupermarket reviews and was surprised with numerous complaints asking future customers to stay away from them and some are from loyal customers. One potential customer said “ may entice you with better deals than you can find on the carriers’ sites, but don’t believe it. I was trying to book a flight from Manchester to Chicago, and since I fly this route often I was surprised to see a route number of AA1501 rather than AA55. AA1501 is the route from Austin to Dallas, and the return flight AA1500 is from Dallas to Monterrey! Who knows where I would have ended up if I had booked this flight. To make matters worse, when I phoned the company to confirm this discrepancy, they hung up on me. Stay far away from them!” she gave TravelSupermarket a 1 out 5 rating for this.

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  • Contact number:           012 4166 1698
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  • Head Office Address:    Assertis, Clements House, 27-28 Clements Lane, London, EC4N 7AE

TravelSupermarket Reviews - PrintThe agenda of focusing on holidays was a good idea by Mr. Nixon to invite more customers to TravelSupermarket. However online travel agencies led by someone who is not even a travel enthusiast himself may really lack some important values in terms of aviation or travelling needs. If Mr. Nixon tries to innovate within the online travel industry, maybe TravelSupermarket will be good competition with other online travel agencies.

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  1. I tried booking my semester break get away with TravelSupermarket.
    It was successful however it took us 3days to refund the overdraft and 2days to get the right package for me.
    I don’t want to get into details, it was successful transaction but it wasn’t smooth.

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