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Jeff Wasson, Inc. is an American online hotel booking agency founded in 1995. On February 16th, 2001 Travelnow operated as a subsidiary of LP. Travelnow’s director and chief executive officer, Mr. Jeff Wasson, is a 42-year old American entrepreneur known as “Gustonian” and is a partner of Boost VC, which an American accelerator who does seed investments with passionate entrepreneurs.

Why Travel Now?
The main and only feature of Travelnow is to search for hotel reservations; if customers don’t have a specific hotel preference, they may select from the following customize searches (New York, Chicago, San Diego, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Atlanta, San Francisco, New Orleans, Orlando, London, Boston, and Washington D.C.) Travelnow also offers a listing of their Today Top Deals and Top Destinations through TripAdvisor reviews.
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A promo code is promptly offered once customers booked with Travelnow, though it’s not visible because it’s right next to the customer service numbers with the same font and size. To optimize your searching you can change the language and country currency found on the top right of the page. Add to that, “customer service: manage your booking” is shown above the language selector.

After clicking “manage your booking,” it would lead to a page where it’s asking for an itinerary number. This section is where customers can view or cancel their reservations. What’s interesting is that the website immediately asks credit card information for customers to view a reservation. Some customer asked if this is their way to do unauthorized credit card charges?

What Happened when they Travel Now
All I can say after reading all of those negative Travelnow reviews is (yes, you heard me right they are all complaints and frustrations), I will never even dare use Travelnow. Word of mouth is the Achilles heel of any business and in this case Travelnow has its heel shot deep. Let me share one recent feedback of their customer.

“I thought I booked a reservation with the Renaissance Waverly Marriott in Atlanta for Sept. 24. I was in a cabin in Gatlinburg when I reserved the room so I couldn’t print my confirmation. The following Monday, I got to the office and tried to confirm my reservation. After finally getting the number to the business that took my money, I found out it was booked through with an entirely different hotel. I don’t know how they could have fooled me so completely but it won’t happen again. I’m sure I won’t see much of my money refunded.”

This wasn’t the only case with this concern. Most of the Travelnow reviews are about unauthorized transactions, possible fraud and misinterpretation, and overcharges.

​​Contact information

  • Website URL:         
  • Contact number:              1-800-780-5733 / (417) 864-3600
  • Fax Number:                    (417) 520-1159
  • Head Office Address:       4124 S McCann Ct., Springfield, MO 65804-7200, USA

Travelnow Reviews - tape_investigationTravel Later and not with Travelnow
Based from the facts and information, and with the help of other Travelnow reviews, I came to the conclusion of not recommending Travelnow to anyone. It’s obviously an unreliable travel companion. The sole purpose of online travel sites is easing the difficulty of travelers to find the cheapest deals for them. However in this set of Travelnow reviews, this online hotel booking agency is adding more confusion than offering solutions.

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  1. I was misled into making a hotel reservation for a room that didn’t exist. I surfed the internet for a hotel that was to my standards, and thought I connected with the hotel of my choice. Instead, it was They have a fake logo internet page that says the hotels’ names, so you think that you are directly calling the hotel. is a scam. DO NOT MAKE RESERVATIONS FROM THEM! They are a third party agency and they don’t need to be in business.

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