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It was said that Travellink is the leading travel site in the Nordic region. Now, let us study where was this statement derived from and if the company is really reliable and efficient to be considered as the leading online travel agency in providing services to leisure, corporate clients and travelers.

Travellink traces its roots back to 2000 when it was a joint venture between SAS or Scandinavian flag carrier, the IT company: Global Distribution System Amadeus and the telecom company: Tele2. Evidently, the ownership of the site was changed or passed from different owners just to extend and strengthen their networks internationally.

Just a heads up, Travellink is available in 6 markets, wherein they are teamed up as well with Opodo.

Travellink is headquartered in Sundyberg and there are branch offices internationally, to be particular, in Denmark, Helsinki, Oslo and Warzaw.

They offer customers a complete travel agency service with excellent customer service. The profile of the whole company is affected by the fact that the high-demand corporate customers are part of the target group. They also aim to focus on Quality, Security, Trust and Transparency.
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The results are filtered from 700 airlines, both from regular and low-cost carriers, 165,000 hotels, 7,000 car rental locations, dynamic packages internationally, ski trips in Europe, holiday homes, arrival guides from 400 destinations, insurance and even sports event trips. Plus the fact that their page has a light color theme which makes it easier to access and navigate throughout the site.

However, as they say nobody’s perfect. Given the pretty words and high statements about the details of the travel site, Travellink reviews are just showing an average score for this online travel agency. I was actually expecting higher, since they are considered as “leading”. On Trustpilot, there is mixed feedback and comments posted by their consumers and unfortunately the most recent ones are negative reviews.

One reviewer said that he was charged more than the said price, more than 500 kr (or $50). Another reviewer was complaining about the additional fee he was anonymously charged with for using a credit card as a payment method, he was annoyed and ended his review with:

Syns en slik praksis er utrolig irriterende, hvorfor kunne ikke dette ligge inne som reel pris tidligere?Velger andre reisetilbydere en annen gang, føler meg lurt.”
*In English:
Visually such practices are incredibly annoying, why could not this be built as real price earlier? Will selects a different travel provider another time because I feel cheated.”
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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:          
  • Contact number:              +800 90 88 90 88
  • Head Office Address:       Travellink AB, Box 1108, 172 22 Sundbyberg, Sweden

Points to Reconsider
I can see that Travellink can actually make a name in the travel industry. However, if only they can manage to change some of their payment fees or unwanted charges, because it’s the major complaint of their consumers, which was the reason as well why Travellink’s standing is questionable not credible.

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  1. 400kr extra fees for paying by debit card, demanded extremists 6700kr for omboka ticket within 24 hours otherwise it should go to a collection agency. Total unethical and pure deception, case has been filed.

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