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​​The name was brightly planned for it leaves us with an impression that they are our heroes in travelling. However I am not convinced that they can save customers from the distress of finding the cheapest rates possible. Because I found out about TravelHero from a friend who was disappointed with her booking with TravelHero. Let me write a review about this travel site to enlighten future users.

The Hero of Travelling?
TravelHero traces its roots back to 1995 when Aaron Hotel and Motel sought for a directory, the idea started by making this services online to develop marketing strategies over fast reservation system and accessible complete lodging necessities. At first this masterpiece was known as HotelHero and had over 100,000 listings internationally. The rebrand to TravelHero was officially launched as a travel site on June 16, 1999.

The Chief Executive Officer of TravelHero, Matthew Johnson, once said “Our Elite Partner hotel program provides value to our online consumers and drives more bookings to the featured hotels. In one chain test, bookings were up 22% over last year.  We are in contract negotiations with selected chains that will increase the number of our Elite Partners to 1,000 by the first quarter of 2004 and we plan on expanding the selection in the near future.”

Elite Partner, TravelHero’s service program, wherein customers and properties under this program are entitled to a special discounted rate on a standard 10% commission schedule. Members receives more benefits in this program, such as priority placement, featured icons displaying special offers on the travel site and worldwide exposure.
pageThe travel site’s overall layout looks really enticing with the nice scenery background of a city heights view. The slogan “Everyone needs saving” is shown on the page’s promotion. This notion really is effective because their point was true but I hope they are really saving travelers.

With TravelHero, customers can search, compare and book hotels. In this review I searched for Southeast, Massachusetts from November 16 to 20, 2015 for 1 room and 1 adult, here’s what I got:
TravelHero Reviews-resultThe result page is easy to navigate, the result can be sorted or updated in case customers misselect the information. The result list are designated by star rating, price offered, location address, tripadvisor rating and an option to view in map.

TravelHero Reviews of Consumers
The American Hotel site is not really efficient in terms of customer service. They might be generous with their page’s support but not really over the phone. TravelHero’s complaints are nowhere to be found but some complaints really made their way to be visible.

The reviewer was angry when he said “Booked a hotel reservation with TravelHero, because I found a good deal. All looked good till I rang the hotel yesterday to check on my booking. Found out it was already booked and cancelled. No one contacted me, TravelHero took my money and i have nothing to show for it. Won’t be using this site again – cannot be trusted”
Contact information

  • Website URL:         
  • Contact number:              (480) 946-5100
  • Contact Email:        
  • Fax Number:                    (480) 946-0450
  • Head Office Address:       7201 E. Camelback Road #295, Scottsdale, Arizona 85251

A hero has an intent on making the world a better place for all people. Evidently, based on other TravelHero reviews, this hero is not the kind of hero we are looking up to. They are not saving travelers with their needs, instead some reviewers are unhappy with their customer service. Plus i’m also anxious that they have a CEO with no actual biography, too general name and even without a legit pic.

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  1. I purchased a ticket from TravelHero. It took 4 calls and over an hour. Then I had to change the name on the ticket. 4 hours and 6 calls plus a fee of $10. Then I had to cancel the return flight because of health reasons. Was told continuance wasn’t covered. The site says 100% covered. Then they offered refund but a fee was asked to cancel the ticket. RUN. DO NOT TRY this agency. The only hero with no sense of saving.

    • I am sorry to hear that Mr. Bobby. I don’t even advice my readers to use TravelHero, for they don’t save lives but ruin them. However, please try to email them to request a refund including the $10 fee.

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