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Moshe Rafiah

Travelfusion traces its root back in 2000 with founder and still current CEO, Moshe Rafiah. It is an online travel site based in London, United Kingdom and Shanghai, China, which helps travelers to search and compare airfares and hotel reservations. Travelfusion had envisioned their company to be a successful low budget global distribution system which is powered by 200+ airline and 250+ travel sites and hotel meta search engines.

However, in 2015, China’s Ctrip bought Travelfusion for $160 million. Just so you know the founder of Travelfusion is a 52-year old Israeli international lawyer, but qualified as a US Attorney for the New York State Bar and United Kingdom solicitor.

How Travelfusion works?
Travelfusion doesn’t differ much from other online travel agencies now-a-days. I think they didn’t maximize the big white space on the left hand of the page. Well, there are two options to search on Travelfusion, it’s either for Flight or Hotel. Regardless of which consumer will search. Travelers will notice the icon showing from home following search, results, details, summary and booking. These steps guide the consumer on what is the purpose of the process they are at the moment. Like how you fill up the forms online.
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Well, to boost the travel site’s credibility, Travelfusion’s later part of the page states few reasons why we should use them instead of other online travel agencies. It is said there, that they have the world’s largest coverage, smart in ranking price list, train and luggage results also appear in searches and reservation booking for 24 hours.

The travel site has international version of their page, to get directed click the links below:

Travelfusion Reviews of Consumers
To be straightforward, there’s no Travelfusion reviews shown anywhere yet this doesn’t mean that the travel site is safe to use and not a scam. This gives more doubt to the consumer, that if the site is good at hiding their crimes, then they’re better in fooling customers. However, for a heads up on an anonymous review from, they mentioned that he found some consumer reviews regarding Travelfusion from emails and Facebook comments. I hope they don’t mix or confuse with Travel Fusion Restaurant (a restaurant which combines Thai, Japanese and Asian dishes).
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Contact information

  • Website URL:             
  • Contact number:                  +44 (0) 2070 616 323
  • Contact Email:           
  • Fax Number:                        +44 800 471 5193
  • Head Office Address:           Unit 3.01 The Wenlock Building 50-52 Wharf Road London,
    N1 7EU United Kingdom

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I am still puzzled how the name Travelfusion name was originated and what sprouted Moshe Rafiah to establish this travel site. No brief history, if it’s a combination of travel and fashion, then they are mainly focused on joint venture business? Then, that means it doesn’t have its own backbone because they are being too dependent to their business partners. Well, I am just stating my opinion. In case if someone had used Travelfusion, feel free to leave a comment below.




  1. Not the end of the world, however when I booked the hotel through this service, it stated that I had to pay the tax up front with booking, and the balance at checkout. At checkout, I had to pay the full amount, including the taxes. So I paid tax twice. Seems like this pre tax is actually the sites commission.

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