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There was not much information found about Travelbag. Basically it was founded in 1979. No brief history; No current CEO. I find this online travel agency very suspicious. Let’s see what else can we probe.

Travelbag and its Mobile version
The layout of Travelbag is bright maroon and a white colored theme, the font size is too small and unreadable. The page features let customers search for flights, hotel reservations and tour packages.
Those options are found at the Availability Search tab on the left hand side of the page. Next to it are flashing images of international tourist attractions with promotion prices and offers.
availability search

The sub functions of Travelbag provides customers the option to search for car rentals, travel destination information and cruises.

However with the Travelbag Mobile site, it’s a white page with maroon fonts and gives more information about making a booking, contacting them, travel and general information.

  • “Making a booking” guides customers on how to book their flight, it educates them on how to book a regular flight as well as a holiday flight step by step. It also provides information on travel Insurance benefits but the descriptions ask customers to call their number directly.
  • The “Contacting Us”  section shows a list of email addresses, contact numbers, link after link and options to categorize the number that customers have to call and how to unsubscribe to their auto-email service.
  • “Your Booking” guides customers if they have concerns with their booked flights. The option to change the booked flight, how to contribute flights to a family or friend, paid cancellation of booked flights. This section educates customers about ABTA and ATOL and teaches them how to check-in online and describes what PNR and lose E-Tickets are.
  • The “Important Information” section educates customer on how to make a payments, either cash or credit card.
  • The “Travelling” section informs customers about the airport’s baggage allowance and carry on luggage policies.

Looking into several Travelbag reviews, there were more negative comments than positive ones. The most recent one was published 4 hours ago. The reviewer said “Booked a ticket online, next day received email saying payment was not authorized by bank and that cheapest ticket available for flight was now substantially more than the previous night. Checked with the bank they had authorized payment but Travelbag had cancelled it. Self evidently trying to squeeze more out of the customer than they are stating online. Will not use again there are much more honest companies online.” he gave Travel bag a 1 out of 5 rating by UK

Contact information

Website URL:            
Contact number:                 0871 402 1644
Contact Email:          
Fax Number:                       020 892 9000
Head Office Address:          Glendale House, Glendale Business Park, Sandycroft, Deeside CH5 2DL

I therefore conclude
With all the Travelbag reviews I’ve seen, this is not a trusted site. Having numerous do-not-recommend and stay-away comments really means a lot. The online travel search engine really has a bad reputation. Based on my judgment, it’s not far from truth, especially if its all just service but without customer service. A penny for your thoughts? Feel free to state your opinion below.



  1. Judging thru different Travelbag reviews plus yours. I really won’t dare to try using them.
    I would rather use FlightHub because their page is not as complicated as this.

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