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I actually ran into several complaints by customers who used Travel-Ticker and it’s the main reason why I decided to make a review about them. Let’s see how much information I can get since one of the main complaints is customers are having difficult to reach them.

Travel-Ticker Reviews - page
Travel-Ticker is a simple online inspirational travel site where its layout is boring and looks like a rushed web designed with colours of turquoise and white, I personally find it like a Microsoft Word document on the web.

Travel-Ticker provides links to their Facebook and Twitter accounts however, once you click them, the Facebook account shows as not found and the Twitter last update was in 2013 and they joined Twitter in 2009. To see for yourself, here you go:
Facebook or Twitter.

Today’s Top Deals take the main portion of the page where customers get a list of hotel deals, flight airfares and tourist attraction deals worldwide with pricing shown as a percentage.

Signing up to the Travel-Ticker newsletter options is located on the lowest part of the page, it’s not actually that visible. Here’s a screen snap of how it looks:
Travel-Ticker Reviews - newsletter
What really puzzles me is aside from the page itself, it doesn’t contain any head office address or customer service number to call in case of assistance. The only way to reach them is thru email support (

In 2011, it was announced that Travel-Ticker released a mobile app version of their services. Which customers received links to travel sites for latest vacation packages and pushed notifications to alert customers if the deal is on sale. Customers can also browse different galleries of tourist attractions being promoted, which also shows on the mobile app. However, when you try to click the link to download the Mobile app it just directly leads you back to Travel-Ticker’s main page.

Travel-Ticker Reviews of the Customers
In this Travel-Ticker review, the online travel locator site was never proven legit. The supporting facts about that, it doesn’t have a founder. Let me list you some of the top complaints by their own customers.

  • “I used Travel-Ticker to book an Hotel in Bruges at the end of September (a week before departure). Whilst there I discovered that a prearranged rail strike would stop my wife and I from returning on our final day causing us to leave a day early, costing me £55 for our lost night and calls to rearrange our travel plans. Surely Expedia knew about this and should have warned all customers traveling to Belgium before booking or at least prior to travel. After all they have my email which they use frequently.”
  • “A trip to celebrate my birthday with my kids is now going to cost me the full price of booking unless I decide to drive 4 hours into hurricane conditions. No refunds, no rescheduling – well, they will reschedule, but I will have to pay for both trips! They claimed the hotel hung up on them, then disconnected me after being on the phone for 45 minutes on good. So, I called back, in tears now, and there is no record of my previous call. So, I go through the whole experience again. No answers except that they did their best. I will never book online again. And I will warn everyone about Travel-Ticker. Now I will still have to take personal time off to not be on vacation and still pay for it! Happy Birthday to me! Disgusted. How can a hurricane not be a good reason to cancel?”


Healthy Criticism
Finally I was able to get a hold some information about Travel-Ticker. So there you go, I hope this review helps. I personally won’t recommend this site for wanderlust travellers because first hand the page layout is confusing. Second, not all images load and to be honest when I first got to Travel-Ticker I don’t know where to start off.



  1. I stumble upon Travel-ticker and with its layout… I don’t think booking with them is a good idea too.
    It seems like a made up page by scammers. We should read reviews first before making a decision.

    • Hi Margaux, I love to hear your side, thank you for your comment about my review. Feel free to check my other reviews so you would avoid being scammed by untrusted online travel agencies.

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