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Had anyone tried using Travante before? It was my first time to hear a hotel site with a general name. One reader of my articles asked me to write about Travante. So, here it is. At first, I am really agitated that the company is obviously designed and created thoroughly to fool people. Just in case you are reading this review now, then you’re lucky that you’re not fooled yet. The aim of writing travel related reviews is to help travelers to learn and know which companies online are legit and which are frauds. Feel free to be the judge about Travante.

Well, based on the site, Travante helps travelers to seek and compare for the best and cheapest hotel reservations and accommodations from over 200,000 hotels worldwide and other hotel booking site, such as Expedia, LastMinute and Hotels. It is said that they are established to assist customers in the hassle of entering all the details in each booking with travel agencies. They are created to seek the best rates and compare them to sort what’s best for their consumer.
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In this review, I tried searching using “Boston, Massachusetts” as my destination and the results are detailed. Travante rates the hotel recommendation list of the cheapest. This result can be filtered by star rating, hotel features, guest reviews and suburbs. Show map option is also available for travelers to check if the chosen hotel is in the right area.
There’s not much Travante reviews shown online. However, even Scamadviser was doubtful about the online hotel site’s credibility. The name “Travante” is too general because this is a masculine name which makes the name bearer as “desiring to be free from detail and monotony, he finds it difficult to finish what you start if it does not hold your interest.” I wonder if this is where Travante hotel site’s name was originated. What’s the catch? They don’t even have a Chief Executive Officer or a representative. It is just the page travelers are dealing with. I personally won’t use a site like this.
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Contact Information
It’s kind of odd that Travante doesn’t have a head office, phone number, fax number and contact email. The best way to reach them if customers will have a concern, complaint or suggestion is to send them an enquiry by filling up the form on the Contact Us section. This will be really bad if in case someone would like to complain about a charge or wants to cancel and have a refund. They’ll be left hanging on a thin line while waiting for a response without assurance if the recipient received the inquiry after all.
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Advice to Revise
Like mentioned above, Travante reviews​ are nowhere to be found. I don’t know what Travante operators can say about this? What scares me is how people who already booked with them and needs refund or cancellation can reach them? It is like you bought a smartphone from a random store and if it’s defective, you won’t know where to complain or whom to blame. I hope consumers will search first for the credibility of the company before booking or entering credit/debit credentials, to avoid being scammed or fooled.

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  1. Travante’s services is horrible. I swear i’ll never trust this site again. I booked a hotel reservation and once I got there, the front desk told me there was no such booking made and reserved. Come to think I was even excited about my vacation at the lowest price possible. I ended up using unnecessary extra expense.
    STAY AWAY from Travante.

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