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Hearing the news about Transaero’s shutdown this coming end of the year piqued my interest to write a review about the airlines, as to what happened and what caused this decision to just cease operations? Join me as we investigate and probe into Transaero.

Brief History about Transaero

Transaero Reviews - Olga Pleshakova
Olga Pleshakova

It all began as a charter airline in December 1990 by Alexander Pleshakova with aircrafts leased by Aeroflot and the first inaugural flight was on 5th of November 1991 with other aircraft leased in July 2005 with a Boeing 747 by Virgin Atlantic Airways. However in 2007, Transaero finally bought 10 Boeing 737 with Continental Airlines.

Olga Pleshakova, is a 48 year old Moscow Aviation Institute Ph.D graduate, known as one of the most powerful women in Russia and her initial dream was to be a history teacher. The key to her success started when she was dating her future husband, Alexander Pleshakov, who was studying at Moscow Aviation Institute while she was a highschool student.

Did You Know?
The Russian airline, Transaero, is officially known as OJSC Transaero Airlines. The second largest airline in Russia is serving 156 destinations with a fleet size total of 97. The airlines used to operate with two main hubs but recently, on 25th of October 2015, Transaero relocated entire operations to Moscow-Vnukovo as their main base.

In September 2015, Aeroflot proposed to buy the the 75% stake of Transaero airlines due to the 1.1 billion euros debt in March 2015. However on 2nd of October 2015, Aeroflot dropped the deal and Transaero announced its intention to end all operations on December 15, 2015. This stopped all ticket sales and refunded all bookings dated after the shutdown date.

Aeroflot decided to take over 34 leased long haul model aircrafts and competitor S7 Airlines sought interest to buy 50 percent stake of the indebt airline but failed to do so.

On Board Services
In Transaero, there are 5 types of cabin categorized to Discount, Economy, Premium, Business and Imperial Class


  • Discount Class – passengers are served with soft or hot drinks, sweet snacks and cold or hot meals. However special meals are not available in this class. 
  • Economy Class – passengers are served with complimentary meals and a choice of soft or hot drinks with a personal audio/video entertainment system or portable multimedia player at extra charge.Transaero Reviews - Premium Class
  • Premium Class – passengers gets to check-in at business class counters with a baggage allowance up to 35 kg per luggage. Inflight customers are provided with pillows, blankets and special travel kits. 
  • Business Class – passengers are served with a diverse menu prepared by the best chefs of Cafe Pushkin Restaurant in Moscow and a wide choice of quality wines or beverages. In this class, customers get free taxi service in Moscow or free service transfer to other airports with a personal driver.Imperial Clas
  • Imperial Class – is the airline’s first class service, wherein passengers get to experience elegance and luxury on board. Seats configuration of 1-2-1 served by a VIP service managers. Menu was created by the best culinary experts using the finest Russian dishes and European cuisine with extensive selection of drinks. VIP lounge in Moscow Airport and free taxi service too.

Official Website and Mobile App
Defaultly the official website of Transaero will be in Russian, the option to change the language of the page is located on the top right which you just have to click on “English” and “Pу́сский” if customers are comfortable in Russian. The interface of the website is a replica of the Russian flag with blue, red and white.
Transaero Reviews - page
The features of the website lets customers to check flight status, access Transaero Privilege frequent flyer program, information for airline policies & inflight services and company overview. Another good thing about Transaero is that every day there’s an update of the airline’s flight changes and cancellations.

The mobile travel app of Transaero is now available in App store and Google Play store where customers can access similar services on the PC version like check-in online, check flight status, seat selection, access to Transaero Privilege account and other airline services.

Transaero Reviews of Travelers
Unfortunately Transaero receives complaints almost every day from their customers. There’s even one cancelled flight in a last minute complaint recently this 20th of October, cabin crew are known for not smiling or being unfriendly, unexplained delayed flights and absence of simple customer care. Let me share one of the recent review which is, yes, a negative one because all comments are complaints.

The customer wasn’t pleased when he said
“The only good thing about Transaero Airlines is that seats are comfortable and the price is competitive. There was no IFE, and Moscow-Phuket is 11 hours. The food was terrible, there is no alcohol allowed on the flights, you can’t even pay for it! There’s water, Sprite and juice. Cabin service is efficient at best, but do not expect smiles. On the ground it’s ten times worse – we weren’t listed on the flight for the last leg of our Phuket-Tel Aviv flight.

It took them 1.5 hours to correct it, and then I was given four boarding passes, none of them next to each other. We were travelling with two young girls! The ground crew shrugged their shoulders. I had to ask the passengers who would switch so I could sit with 3-year old, that’s how useless they were. I would never fly them again. All flights were late (30-90 minutes) with no explanation given.” he gave the airline a 2/10 rating by
Transaero Reviews - Logo
Contact information

  • Website URL:         
  • Contact number:              8 800 555 35 55
  • Contact Email:       
  • Fax Number:                   8 495 937 84 78
  • Head Office Address:      11 A, Zubovsky Blvd., Moscow, Russia

I Therefore Conclude
After reading other Transaero Reviews, the airlines has evidently started and ended in debt. That even netizens in Twitter are affected with the sudden announcement of Transaero to stop the business. Seeing aircrafts flying from Russia to Spain for storage is a heartbreaking event for some. I hope this doesn’t happen to other more Russian airlines. What can you say about them? Feel free to leave your comment below.



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  1. I see what they did t there. Husband and wife as founder and CEO. But I am very sad to hear about the ceasing operation of Transaero. I never knew they were in debt till I read your article here Max. Keep up the good reviews. Let me follow your social media accounts too

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