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The travel company headquartered in the United Kingdom was founded by a former Scandinavian Airline officer Michael David William Gooley, or a.k.a “Mike Gooley”, started with four staff in 1970. Trailfinders remains a privately owned company and maintains over 1000 employees now. Trailfinders has been one of the pioneers of this kind of business. Let us see how experienced they are.

Trailfinders Reviews - PrintFinding Trails with Trailfinders
To be honest when I got to Trailfinders, I don’t know where to start off. It’s full of headers, words, links and numbers. If someone technically challenged uses Trailfinders, I am a hundred percent sure they would end up not using them at all.

Let’s start with the header, it shows traveler access to latest offers, destinations, holiday styles, flights, hotels, tours, fly drive, cruises, rail, insurance, honeymoons, first & business class and visas.

So basically with Trailfinders customers get inspired, honeymoon place ideas, hotel / cruise reservations, searching and comparing airfare from first & business class.

Trailfinders Reviews - service pageThe later part of the page shows options for customers to sign up for their newsletter service to get the latest deals, ordering a brochure of their latest Trailfinder magazine, submit an enquiry to send them a notification about your inquiry or concern and request a call back wherein an agent from Trailfinders will call you for your concern. Customers just have to enter their name, number and select what kind of consultant do they prefer.

Unfound Trails
It is not enough to read certain Trailfinder reviews because initially potential customers show appreciation about the background of Trailfinders, however as I scan through more Trailfinder reviews, I stumble upon customer’s comments and feedback. Most of them are advising us to avoid the company, no attention detail, no expectation of accommodation and insurance scam. Took me like 1 hour reading through all of them.

So let me share you just this one review, customer said “As a courtesy of other potential victims avoid this money grabbing totally unfit for purpose company. The aftersales team are ruthless and could not care less about you or your holiday. This was the worst holiday I ever suffered and all Trailfinders said was it was your fault we are denying liability. They should not be licensed to provide services in holiday industry save yourself money and pain and BOOK ANYONE Through ELSE.” she gave the Trailfinders a 1 out of 5 rating according to Trustpilot.com

​​Contact information

  • Website URL:                       www.trailfinders.com
  • Contact number:                  020 7938 3939
  • Contact Email:                     trailfinders@trailfinders.com
  • Fax Number:                        020 7938 4584
  • Head Office Address:           47 Fountain St, Belfast, County Antrim BT1 5EB, United Kingdom

Trailfinders Reviews - conclusion
Trail Not Found
Alright I am half convinced and half out played. Like I mentioned I have seen a lot of Trailfinders reviews and after writing this review, I don’t know if I should say Go or say No? Since they consider themselves a
pioneer and expert, let us just see how they will prevail in this field of aviation. Penny for your thoughts?

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  1. Please never make any plans or payment with Trailfinders. Scam and cybersquatters.
    I don’t know how to start my complaint against them but the purpose of this comment is to remind people who’ll gonna read your review, to stay away from Trailfinders!!!

    Anyway more power to Flight Reviews!

  2. I am not quite sure about what really happened but all I know and sure of is they charge me and I didn’t get the service. I tried calling their customer service number and yes on a positive note they were very quick on picking up the phone but very slow in addressing my concern. To sum it up I was over the phone for like an hour and didn’t get a refund. This is an appalling company!

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