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Two brothers behind the social travel site BugBitten had established another travel site to accommodate customers with their tour necessities. In 2010, Mr. Shawn and Travis Pittman had created TourRadar. Funding from investors includes the ex-CEO of Expedia, Erik Blachford. It was like 6 years ago, but the online travel agency had been globally recognized and now has three offices particularly at Austria, Canada and Australia.
TourRadar Reviews-BugBittenIn this review, we’ll check if how TourRadar is globally recognized. Either in a positive way or negative. Let’s find out.

The privately held company specializes in booking group tours, as well as user-generated reviews of individual tours and of the Tour Operators. What’s very noticeable on TourRadar is their changing message of a hashtag which starts with #gotouring and changes to feeling, tasting, learning and living. Right below that, it educates us that TourRadar search results come from 1 million departures worldwide.
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The tour searching results are listed from Europe, Latin America, USA, Australia, Cuba, Indonesia and Thailand. And it claims to have more than 20,000 tours available from more than 250 different tour operators worldwide. An open live chat is available at the bottom right page where customers can talk to a tour specialists.

For some reason, we noticed that TourRadar had mentioned they provide No booking fees and free cancellation insurance. And unlike other travel sites, TourRadar has a loyalty program which lets customers earn travel credit every time they book or invite someone to TourRadar. To learn more about this program, click here.
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Travellers now can access all these service on their mobile app, available on both iOS and Android devices.

There are several mixed TourRadar reviews posted online and also on their page. However, some reviews are actually doubting about the positive reviews.Since the given 5-star reviews sound fake and noticeably just-made-up reviews to make their impression opposite of the negative. Their lousy strategy had just triggered more consumers to not trust this site again. A forum was even started on TripAdvisor, wherein consumers starting suggesting not to stick with TourRadar and just use other travel sites.

How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:              
  • Contact Number:                  +44 800 802 1046 (toll free) / +44 20 3095 6554
  • Contact Email:            
  • Head Office Address:            Siebenbrunnengasse 17/4, Vienna 1050, Austria

Advice To Revise
TourRadar is just a complete show off. With just the consumer TourRadar reviews, you’ll be able to determine how TourRadar works. It is like one of the scamming travel sites that will lure you to its trap and bait you to pay more. Do not trust this kind of company. To be honest, I was actually mesmerized with their page, but was completely disappointed with the TourRadar reviews.

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  1. First time user, yet to travel. Found a tour that seems to be what we were looking for at a very reasonable price. Being able to compare companies was useful. First customer service contact didn’t follow up my request but the second call had it sorted and we booked. Confirmation came within 24 hours. Would use again.

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