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Just like weather conditions, the future of an airline is unpredictable. There might be some ways to monitor the situation, but whatever the future entails for a company is a mystery. However, the difference between weather conditions and an airline is, man can manipulate the entire airline’s function and slowly draw the future he or she wants for the company.

Tiger Airways’ future isn’t decided, despite being in the business for over a decade.

Origins and Ownership

TigerAir was founded on December 12th, 2003 in Singapore. TigerAir is a subsidiary of the flag carrier, Singapore Airlines. The current CEO is Lee Lik Hsin, he was appointed on May 12th, 2014, the day the former CEO, Koay Peng Yen left.

Lee Lik Hsin, CEO of Tiger Airways
Lee Lik Hsin, CEO of Tiger Airways

What people are saying

TigerAir only got a 5 star rating from both Airlinequality.com and Airlineratings.com. Their cabin crew on board is known for going on a “extra mile” with their caring and efficient service, many customers were very happy with the attendants checking on passengers every 15 minutes. Food is delicious according to some reviews and the seats are comfortable.

Most complaints pertain to delayed flights and results in passengers being over crowded in the waiting room. Some delays lasted for 9 hours and travelers weren’t happy about it. A certain complaint was raised about TigerAir’s baggage policy, this one traveler shared his experience when the ground crew asked him and others to take off their coats before weight-check, they did that in the middle of winter. The coats were placed over the luggage to check if they exceeded the limitation weight. The customer concluded that he lost the appreciation he had for TigerAir.

There were many customers who didn’t recommend TigerAir to future travelers, a few recommendations were there, but the negative comments really overwhelmed the good ones.

The Website

TigerAir homepage
TigerAir homepage

The interface design and setting is very organized and easy to navigate. Initial processes like booking reservations, arranging travel itinerary and checking flight status is easy. Customers can check in online and manage their bookings on the website as well. A gallery of updates for their services and deals is presented on the homepage and at the bottom part, a list of domestic flights are provided.

“TigerAir” – Mobile Application

TigerAir Mobile Application
TigerAir Mobile Application

Their application is available for both IOs and Android. Customers browse destinations and book flights within minutes. Information about their service and policies are also accessible on the application.

Customer Service

Their customer support is available in different languages including english, chinese, japanese, thai and more. There are designated office hours for their customer service. For their contact information click here.

A passenger feedback page is available for suggestions, complaints and questions. A FAQs page is available for direct information access from the internet.


TigerAir has a single-class cabin with spacious seats, extra leg room can be purchased per sector.


The authenticity of Singaporean cuisine is provided with on-board meals served to all passengers. Each meal is purchased 1 or 2 days before your flight.Their best sellers are Nasi lemak with chicken, mutton biryani and fresh garden salad. Their menu includes more eats including beverages, snacks and big meals, to see their entire menu click here.

In-flight Entertainment

To maintain a low amount for price rates, TigerAir doesn’t provide video and audio. A free copy of Tiger Tales is given to all passengers who wants to kill sometime by reading.


Tigerair has a very extensive policy for baggage allowance since the company has many subsidiaries in different countries. Carry-on baggage allowance is only 7kg, it used to be 10kg but TigerAir decided to minimize it. For more information about their baggage allowance information and policy, click here.


TigerAir’s main hub is the Singapore Changi Airport in Changi, Singapore. TigerAir has many branches around the world, mostly in Asia, they have TigerAir Malaysia, TigerAir Australia and more. TigerAir is a low-cost airline and its entire fleet size 25 Airbus A320-family.

Singapore Changi Airport
Singapore Changi Airport

In 2015, TigerAir was one of the “Top 5 Best On-time Performance” at the Bengaluru International Airport Limited Pinnacle Awards. TigerAir received the award of Best Low Cost Airline of the year in 2015 from India Travel Awards 2015.

Contact information

  • Website URL: http://www.tigerair.com/
  • Contact number: +65 3157 6434
  • Head Office Address (mailing address): Tiger Airways Singapore Pte Ltd Changi Airport Post Office P.O. Box 181 Singapore 918147


TigerAir’s expansion technique is common but efficient with branches all over the world, TigerAir managed to make the right decisions regarding their travel business. However, that doesn’t make their entire service spot-on, with the recent reviews, it’s only smart for TigerAir to make immediate improvements. Did you find this TigerAir Review helpful and informative? Leave your comments below.

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