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Tassili Airlines Reviews-SonatrachThe national airline of Algeria, Air Algérie, and Algerian oil-and-gas government-owned company, Sonatrach, had made a joint venture to establish a regional airline in 1998. This was the history of Tassili Airlines. The first inaugural flight was made in 1999 from Hassi Messaoud to Algiers.

In 2005, Air Algerie withdrew its funds in the airline leaving Sonatrach the sole owner of Tassili Airlines. Now, the regional airline of Algeria has a total fleet size of 12 Bombardier serving 21 destinations in Algeria and France. They are currently being led by Harchaoui Belkacem; he succeeded Fayçal Khelil in 2015.
Tassili Airlines Reviews-aircraftThere was one fatal incident recorded in the history of Tassili Airlines in 2004. It was an accident wherein the aircraft crashed 10 kilometres short of Ghardaïa Airport where it had been scheduled to land. There were 3 crew members and 2 passengers on board. All survived except with for the co-pilot who accumulated injuries.

Flying with Tassili Airlines
There’s not much information shown on their official website regarding what are the cabin classes and services offered on board. We have collected some of the images of meals and flight attendants for your reference.
Since the airline is an all-Bombardier fleet with model aircraft carrying over 78-155 passengers on board, it’s safe to assume that the airline has only one type of service on board.
Tassili Airlines Reviews-mealsBased on the image above, the meal being served on Tassili Airlines was for breakfast. The passenger who posted this image on AirlineMeals.net had mentioned that he had a wonderful time flying with Tassili Airlines. He even said “Excellent service and a crew very friendly.”

Official Website and Mobile app
The official site of Tassili Airlines is in Arabic by default, since the national language of Algeria is Arabic. In this review, we just translated the version of the site to English for the international purpose of understanding what’s on the web page. The official website of Tassili Airlines lets travellers find and book flights online. For customers with bookings already, they can also manage their booking and check their flight status online.
Tassili Airlines Reviews-page
Unfortunately Tassili Airlines isn’t very mobile-friendly, as it does not yet have an Android or an iOS mobile application.

Tassili Airlines Reviews of Customers
Same as the limited information given online regarding their services, it was really hard to find Tassili Airlines reviews. We tried our best. But, we had to admit, we found nothing.

Latest Update
Tassili Airlines in the summer 2016 season is introducing two new routes to France, including Nantes, a new destination of the airline’s network.
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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                     http://www.tassiliairlines.dz/
  • Contact Number:               021 737 800 (Algeria) / 0820 90 12 13 (France)
  • Contact Email:                   book@tassiliairlines.com
  • Fax Number:                     +213 21 75 27 27
  • Head Office Address:        Route de Sidi Moussa, PO Box 319, Dar El Beida, 16000 Algiers, Algeria

With the limited information regarding Tassili Airlines, it’s hard to know how it is like flying with them. But, as some of the reviews show on AirlineMeals.net, we can consider that Tassili Airlines is good at providing services given its limited routes; they have more time management and preparation. Have you flown with Tassili Airlines before? Feel free to share your experience below.



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  1. On board Mint class from LAX to JFK. Impressive in all aspects. Seat entertainment food and service. The other carriers better watch out. Provided the pricing remains competitive I’m a convert.

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