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TAME or pronounced as “Tah May” (TAME Linea Aerea del Ecuador) was result of necessity of Ecuadorian Air Force to finance itself and air charter service to remote regions within Ecuador. The need of high standard training skills of the Air Force and by that time the carrier services are minimal and almost nonexistent. Those are the reasons why Colonel Luis Ortega proposed an Ecuadorian Air Force airline. Since the proposal was supported as well by higher officials, it lead to the creation of TAME. The founder itself once said “Our goals have always been ambitious, we want to work with energy and dedication in order to place TAME as the most important airline in Ecuador.”

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Fernando Guerrero

TAME Linea Aerea del Ecuador
The new livery of TAME is a representation of a bird in an ascending flight colored with light blue, this was to symbolize the new extension branding program TAME when it advertised LA FACULTAD and ALMA. TAME is currently led by their CEO, Mr. Fernando Guerrero. The flag carrier and largest airline of Ecuador is headquartered in Quito, Pichincha with its main hubs at Mariscal Sucre International Airport.

The fleet size of 21 aircrafts catering 25 destinations that includes international flight to Panama, Havana, Panama and Santiago de Chile. In 2010, the airlines extended its flight network by a codeshare agreement with Copa Airlines.

TAME Reviews and Services
The largest airline of Ecuador cabin are classified into Economy, Business and First Class. However, based on several TAME Reviews, the inflight meal of the airline was said to be fair enough. Even the legroom space for economy were not that spacious and inflight entertainment is obviously not provided in Economy Class, but the audio video on demand system in Business Class was said to be too old and was not entertaining them at all.
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Out of 19 TAME reviews, they got a rating of 4/10 score and the most recent review was dated on the 8th January 2016. The reviewer gave them a 1/10 rating when he said his upgrade to First Class was waste of money. He and his wife weren’t able to sleep well, the seat won’t recline and ended his complaint with:

“I do not think first class was what it should be beside my seat not working we were served the exact same thing that was served in coach. Not once did an attendant come around to see if you needed anything I was very disappointed with the whole first class experience on this flight. I would recommend not spending your money on first class on Tame airlines use it elsewhere.”
(For reference of this review: http://www.airlineratings.com/passenger-reviews/428/tame-)

TAME Reviews-pageThe Website
On a positive note, the official site of the airline is easy to understand and navigate since the language can be changed to Spanish or English. Like other airline, it has similar features with checking, managing and editing your booking and with the information about their services and policies. Just be advised that if plane tickets are paid via credit card, they will ask you to present the card on their counter before flight.
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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                        www.tame.com.ec
  • Contact Number:                  1-800-430-2471 / 1-700-500-800
  • Contact Email:                      contactame@tame.com.ec
  • Head Office Address:           QUITO Av. Amazonas N24-260 y Av. Colón. Edifice Tame

I am having a 50-50 feeling over this airline. Since it is said to be the largest, it doesn’t mean it’s great. But maybe the best deal is to see for yourself if the TAME reviews of customers were true or just unappreciated. Next time you’ll get in touch with Ecuador, at least fly with TAME. If you already flown with TAME, feel free to share your experience below.



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  1. After reading some of the comments about TAME I was a little apprehensive about our flights from Quito to the Galapagos. Flew on what appeared a fairly new A320 aircraft the flight attendants were cheerful and helpful. All in all a very pleasant experience unlike our flight into Quito from Miami with American Airlines which must be the worst airline ever to fly with.

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