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If you’ll remember, I already wrote a review about LAN Airlines in the first week of October. Now, let me write a review about the partner of LAN Airlines; TAM Airlines. TAM Airlines’ company slogan is “Passion to fly and serve”. Join me as I experience the love of this airline in providing outstanding services.

History & Facts
TAM standing for Táxi Aéreo Marília, was an air taxi company founded in 1961. However in 1990, the name’s abbreviation was changed to “Transportes Aéreos Meridionais”. The largest airline of Brazil used to be in alliance with Star Alliance but now withdrew and joined Oneworld. TAM has a fleet size of 167 catering 63 destinations internationally and headquartered at Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro International Airport. On the 22nd of June 2012 the merger between LAN and TAM was completed and planned to be rebranded in 2018 as LATAM Airlines Group.

 TAM Airlines Reviews - Claudia Sender
Claudia Sender

The newly appointed CEO, Claudia Sender, is a 40 Brazilian who was also the first woman to run an airline in Brazil and formerly vice-president of Brazil Domestic Business Unit. Together with the Chilean airline LAN, their  aim was to make $13 billion annually.

In July 2014, the merge of the two airlines was awarded by Skytrax’s World Airline Awards as “Best Airlines in South America” and TAM independently got the second spot for “Best Airline Staff Service South America” over other 243 international airlines.

TAM Kind of Services
 TAM Airlines Reviews - services
The airline caters three cabin classes: Economy, Business and First Class wherein customers enjoy sumptuous meals according to classes served with range of beverages including wines and juices. Like other airlines, TAM’s inflight entertainment is a seatback entertainment system which travelers enjoy a list of movies, music and games or travelers may also connect their personal electronic devices with the airline’s inflight connectivity powered by OnAir.

The Official Website and Mobile App
The website and mobile app of the airlines have the same feature that lets customers book flights, manage their booking, check-in online, check flight status, information to airline’s policies, on board services and frequent flyer program My Fidelidade. However if I would personally use this site for booking, I might get lost. The fonts are too small and each time I click, it will just direct me to another page and that’s not helping me whatmore with others who are not technically challenged.
 TAM Airlines Reviews - page
TAM Airlines Reviews of Passengers
Based on some  TAM Airlines reviews, evidently the airline is not getting consistent positive reviews from travelers, customers are really bothered with the changes on board. One reviewer was surprised to find out that her pre-assigned seat was changed for no apparent reason and this had happened too on her return flight. However she still rated the airline 7/10.

Another reviewer said it was his first flight with TAM and he was satisfied with the overall services of the airline and was doubtful at first too. But he noted that crew were friendly, food was good, flight was on time and through that he said he will fly with them again with a 9/10 rating by Skytrax.
logoContact information

  • Website URL:                   www.tam.com.br
  • Contact number:              +55 11 4002 5700
  • Contact Email:                  tamimprensa@tam.com.br
  • Fax Number:                    +55 11 5071 1080
  • Head Office Address:        Av Jurandir, 856 – Lote 4 – (Jardim Ceci), 04072-000, Sao Paulo, Brazil

While reading several ​TAM Airlines reviews, I am not surprised how the airlines are gathering lot of negative comments lately. Maybe because they are too focused with the merge or because they are failing that there last resort was just to merge with LAN Airlines. I wonder if this merge will last. What can you say about TAM? Feel free to leave a comment below.



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  1. The airplane is very basic. It does not have a television or anything to entertain for a long international flight. Ironically, the brochure in the seat says every passenger can access to an in flight entertainment system !!. What a joke.

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