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There was no long story about the origin of Tajik Air, the national airline of Tajikistan had its first inaugural flight back on September 3, 1924 with a Junkers F.13 flying from Bukhara to the capital of Tajikistan, Dushanbe. Moving forward, in 1930, a first class airport was established in Dushanbe. The aircraft size expanded in 1945 by adding new Lisunov Li-2 and Junkers Ju-52 aircraft to their fleet size. It is through continuous effort of the Aviators of Tajikistan developing the socio-economic potential of the country.

Tajik Air Reviews-Firuz Hamroev
Firuz Hamroev

Even the airline was government-owned, in 2008 they finally appointed their first chief executive officer, Mr. Ashutosh Beenessreesingh, but as for now, their current CEO is Mr. Firuz Hamroev. In 2013, due to statistics, it was noticeable that the airline decreased passenger service compared to 2012. However, Mr. Hamroev had said “Such reduction of air flights on domestic airlines was mainly caused by reducing the frequency of flights from Dushanbe to Hudzhand.”

Now, the flag carrier has a total fleet size of 15 consisting of Antonov, Boeing, Yakovlev, Sukhoi, Tupolev, Xian and Mil. Tajik Air caters services to Asia and Europe (Russia) and is still fully owned by the government, being located at the Dushanbe International Airport and Khujand Airport. Tajik Air has codeshare agreements with airBaltic.
aircraftTajik Air Reviews and Services
Well, it’s kind of doubtful that Tajik Air doesn’t have any rated reviews shown online. However, there are some Tajik Air reviews visible online (on Skytrax) and they are not rated for some reason. These Tajik Air reviews had scored 3-1, 3 for negative and 1 positive. I can’t tell if these reviews can be reliable too, since they are backdated to 2005, 2007, 2008 and 2011. It seems like the airline hasn’t received much feedback from passengers. These Tajik Air reviews say the airline is not well-maintained and was even considered the worst airline.

crewWhat worries me is that there is no relevant information on how services on board are doing, not even information about their inflight cabin classes or entertainment on board. It is more like a guessing game on how Tajik Air’s interior looks like. The least I got was a picture of their flight attendants which seems old too. The airline’s page doesn’t also give out much information about the company.

Official Website
Talking about the official website, the design, color and organization of the front page was good, flashing images of tourist attractions worldwide plus description was used as the page’s background. Well, another positive thing is the site lets travelers book flights and get online support. The good things end there, because the header of the page where it shows: Air Tickets, For Passengers, News, About Us and Contact Us doesn’t really provide the information about the title. Tajik Air doesn’t also have a mobile app as an alternative.
Tajik Air Reviews-logo
Contact Information

  • Website URL:                     www.tajikair.tj
  • Contact Number:               (992) 905 100 200
  • Contact Email:                   info@tajikairlines.com
  • Fax Number:                     (992) 487 015 068
  • Head Office Address:        32/1, Mastongulov Mirzo St., Dushanbe, 734012, Tajikistan

Since there’s not much information provided by the airline (not even their official site was reliable), we can’t make sure that flights will be nice with them but we can’t generalize that it will be awful too. Like what they say, to see is to believe.

So if you are planning to fly with Tajik Air, I think it’s best if you’ll share your experience below. Or if you have flown with them, feel free to leave a comment below.



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  1. Staff were surly and unhelpful: one woman had a wet seat and was told tough – she moved herself. Food was diabolical and the worst I have eaten – well tried to. Inflight entertainment was a rubbish video played on an overhead screen too far away to watch.

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