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ZergNet Reviews

In 2011, ZergNet started an Internet startup company that is said to be a content recommendation company.  It was in no time that Zergnet became a popular travel site. Their aim is to distinguish themself from their competitors by focusing on high-quality, less spammy offerings.

We’ll share a little fact as to how ZergNet started. They got the name ZergNet, after the gamers’ term for annihilating a foe with overwhelming force. By late 2011, ZergNet was up and running, but not exactly zerging anything. Only a few game sites had signed on by early 2012.

Now, in this review, let us discover if these are facts or just made up. Let’s dig in deeper.

What is ZergNet

Browsing on ZergNet at first made me think that ZergNet is actually just a travel blog where a certain someone just freely uploads random travel-related articles and listings they wish to show the visitors. But, we had to admit that ZergNet is one of the best travel sites that provides travel tips, guides, and facts. But, ZergNet is not particularly focused on travel. Their homepage gives more about news around the world regarding movies, gaming, sports, entertainment, food & drink, lifestyle, and health, etc. ZergNet is a big article site; as their company slogan says, “Discover Interesting Articles”
ZergNet Reviews-topics
ZergNet Reviews-left hand barZergNet is the only content recommendation company focused on sending incremental traffic and unique visitors to our partners at scale. In exchange for implementing our content recommendation module, they promote their content with their publishing partners including the following: Conde Nast, Time, NBC, AOL, Viacom, Warner Bros, Rodale, Wenner, Fox, American Media, and most major media companies. ZergNet drives millions of highly engaged users to our publisher partner sites every day.

Another good thing about ZergNet is it almost has all the topics which means that includes Travel. Customers just have to hover their mouse at the top left and click on the three-line menu bar to get a full access of all the article topics. We picked on Travel once and we are really happy to see these good article ideas about Travel.

ZergNet Reviews of Consumers

We tried looking for ZergNet reviews online and we have found none from TrustPilot or SiteJabber. Pretty much, people just treat ZergNet as one of the websites that provide general information. Since booking is not an option, there’s no rise of complaints shown online but rather appreciation on the travel topics randomly posted.
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                    http://www.zergnet.com/
  • Contact Number:              630-930-4052
  • Contact Email:                   info@sovrn.com
  • Fax Number:                    (303) 493-5490
  • Head Office Address:       5686 Castor Way, Noblesville, IN 46062, United States


Helpful sites like ZergNet make tourists and travellers happy. Though, information might not be factual, at least no money-stealing cases are involved and no unreserved booking was paid. It seems like ZergNet has placed a good role model to other travel sites. But, we certainly hope that one day, ZergNet will make a separate site for travel accommodation.

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