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Viventura Reviews

The privately held travel company traces its roots back to 2001. Viventura was established and known for providing small group tours for travelers in South America and even personalized travel services.

Viventura Reviews-Andre Kiwitz
Andre Kiwitz

As the record shows, Viventura is currently led by their founder, Mr. Andre Kiwitz, who is also the co-founder of Trip.Me. Well, trip.me is actually a trusted internet platform where travelers looking for unique experiences can select, personalize and book incredible individualized itineraries directly with local travel agencies all around the world.

Going back to Viventura: their team is comprised of individuals who have a genuine passion for travelling and for South America. The majority of their staff received their education in either Europe or the USA and have lived, worked and traveled extensively in South America. These travel enthusiasts includes nationals of USA, Germany, France, Austria, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Perú, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil, and more.

What is Viventura?

The German-based travel company is a tour operator devoted to providing high quality travel experiences in South America. Viventura also has offices in Peru, Olivia, Quito, Ecuador and Florida. The non-profit organization viSocial also founded and funded by Viventura. But the question here, how does Viventura work?
Viventura Reviews-page
Basically, Viventura lets one find a tour online with customers entering their desired destination and month, but it’s quite bothering that when we tried to use the site to select a destination, the drop-down list box only offers one selection: “All”. So in the first place, why make it a list box if there’s only one choice to end up with? We quite notice that Viventura is not user friendly, the layout is not modernized. So, people who are not tech savvy will have difficulty using this travel site.

Viventura shows a list of customer reviews on their page. However, they can’t be reliable too. For two reasons: comments do not look real and feedback are outdated (2014). Like, hello it’s already in the middle of 2016.

Let’s take a look at Viventura reviews online…

Viventura Reviews of Customers

Viventura Reviews-complaints

As we can see, after reading through several consumers’ feedback about the German-based travel site, customers are having trust issues over Viventura. Top complaints majorly talk about services related to the price offered being different from the charged amount on their credit cards.

But what really piqued my attention was a guy’s response over a question of a curious traveller asking “Do you have experience with Viventura tour operator?”.
The guy answered with
“I can’t really find anything out about them… But there are so many highly recommended agencies mentioned on other forums, why not choose one of them? What is it about Viventura that interests you?”
I bet that guy doesn’t trust Viventura too.
Viventura Reviews-logoHow To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                      https://www.viventura.com/
  • Contact Number:                +1 909-293-8759
  • Head Office Address:          Kottbusser Damm 103a Berlin, Berlin 10967 Germany


Judging through the information we gathered and all those read Viventura reviews, we can’t make sure it’s safe to trust them with your travel plans since consumers had complaints and warnings not to use this travel site. Please, do not forget to do your research first before booking or arranging a payment with a travel company since a lot of them are everywhere nowadays. Try these few good ones, being Flighthub.com, Travelocity.com, JustFly.com or Expedia.com.