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Vayama Review

Gaining a perfect star rating is hard to achieve for online travel agencies these days, because let’s face it, the service they provide is not that big of a deal today because of modernization. Probably 10 years ago, people would go insane upon using these travel sites.

However, no one can deny that travel sites provide a large contribution to humanity.

Vayama is one of those contributors who still dreams for a perfect star rating just like all of them up to this day.


Vayama was founded in 2007, and is being controlled by Travix International B.V., the largest Dutch online travel agency. Vayama takes pride with their affiliation with large airlines like Emirates, Air Canada and more. It’s not just airlines, but hotels as well, Vayama offers over a thousand hotel rooms.  

Travix, Parent company of Vayama
Travix, Parent company of Vayama

All in all, Vayama focuses on these goals, provide millions of reliable deals and make travelers happy.

What people are saying

Vayama scored an average of a 5.4 out of 10 star rating on Trustpilot.com. 39% of the reviews gave the agency 1 star and 33.8% gave them 5 star.

Vayama Review on Trustpilot.com
Vayama Review on Trustpilot.com

According to reviews, Vayama is not that consistent with their service. Good thing is that the deals they offer are reliable and have received good feedback from customers, the bad thing has something to do with their customer service and unreasonable fees. One customer was fixating about Vayama’s cancellation fee of $50, he even compared it to Expedia which only requires $7.

One patron was furious when he had to deal with what he described as “horrible” customer service which fails to educate customers. He even mentioned that if a zero star rating was available, he’d give Vayama just that.

Some of the negative reviews on Trustpilot.com were very long, almost like a short story.

Vayama Interface

Vayama's homepage
Vayama’s homepage

Their website allows passengers to check-in online to avoid hassle. Travelers can browse flight deals, hotel arrangements and car rentals on the homepage. A gallery of advertisements is presented on their homepage so they can sell the deals quickly. The website also shows amazing pictures of destinations to attract customers to travel. One thing though, the agency might consider enlarging the pictures and fonts.

Customer Service

Their phone line is open 24/7 for customer support, they also included their customer support email on the “Help” page for feedback and concerns, and to assist customers with disabilities such as hearing impaired and muteness.

Their FAQs page is actually sufficient for general information, so their customer support phone line probably expects more specific questions.

Thier headquarters is located in San Jose, California, USA. The company surely plans on fortifying their reputation in the industry. They always make sure to provide reliable deals with the help of their trusted global partners.

Contact information

  • Website URL: http://www.vayama.com/
  • Contact number: 1.650.265.1856
  • Contact Email: Support:cs@vayama.com or Feedback:feedback@vayama.com
  • Head Office Address: c/o Vayama.com 333 W Santa Clara St. Suite 800, San Jose, CA 95113


Reliable deals are not enough to maintain a productive company, but surely, Vayama is aware of that. Feel free to take part in  this Vayama Review by leaving your comments below.