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Vacatia Reviews

What does a vacation mean to you? For Google (with regards to North America), a vacation is an extended period of recreation, especially one spent away from home or in traveling. For us, vacation is the time for someone to seize the day/s and relax from all the normality of our daily routine lives一work-eat-sleep-earn method. Whatever is our definition of vacation, we certainly know it should be fun and relaxing. In this review, we’ll be looking into having a vacation with Vacatia.

What if Vacatia gave you a different kind of vacation at home? But not your home, other’s home.

A Vacation with Vacatia

Vacatia Reviews-Caroline Shin
Caroline Shin

Vacatia was established in 2013 and is a BBB Accredited Business. The privately held travel company is currently being led by their CEO, Caroline Shin. Each image used on Vacatia is not copied but had been visited and researched by one or more members of the Vacatia family.

“RENT A RESORT RESIDENCE” as Vacatia states on their main page. Customers get to experience a vacation with the space of a home plus the services of a hotel. Vacatia makes sure bookers are safe with their accommodation. Enjoyable amenities, comforts of home and on-site staff mean no worries and relaxation. Searching for a resort residence with Vacatia is easy. It provides the option to “Select A Destination” which leads to a drop-down list box of beaches in the United States. It will be asking for the arriving-departing date and number of guests.
Vacatia Reviews-pageAfter searching, Vacatia gives a thumbnail view of several resorts from selected destination designated from the cheapest. It also includes information, if the resort has a golf course, is romantic or if it has peace & quiet, if it’s located in the beachfront or it’s great for kids. Travellers can also see the star ratings of each resort results.

Basically, resort owners list their unused resort residences for rent and set the price. Travellers looking into a specific destination will see the resort owners’ rentals. When satisfied, customers can book their reservation and make payments online through Vacatia.

Vacatia Reviews of Customers
Vacatia Reviews-feedback

After reading through Vacatia reviews on Trustpilot, we discovered that Vacatia had garnered an overall score rating of 8.7/10. Based on 9 Vacatia reviews, the resort residence rental site had been accumulating a lot of good feedback and acknowledgement from its consumers. Vacationers had even said they had experienced an awesome service. There were tons of relevant information which were useful prior to the booking of customers. To see more of these Vacatia reviews on Trustpilot, click here.
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                       https://vacatia.com/
  • Contact Number:                 (855) 858-3950
  • Contact Email:                     caroline@vacatia.com
  • Head Office Address:           560 Mission Street Suite 1357 San Francisco, CA 94105 USA


Vacatia makes beach vacations easier and more convenient. Sometimes it’s better to book with travel companies like Vacatia rather than making a direct booking on one resort’s site. Why? It doesn’t narrow your options or choices. You get to see which is cheaper and more practical to book from. Vacatia is definitely one of the trusted booking travel startups lately. But it’s always better and safe to make your research first.

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