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UsingMiles Reviews

UsingMiles Reviews-Krista Paul
Krista Paul

Even the own page of UsingMiles doesn’t provide any brief history of their company nor Wikipedia information showing to how or when UsingMiles started. But on Crunchbase, it is said that UsingMiles was founded in 2010 by a Krista Paul in Denver, Colorado (which pretty much links to the given head office address and contact email below). The story goes like, she started the company out of frustration of losing over 26,000 miles from an unnamed mileage program of an airline.

Join me as we discover this new managing mileage site and travel company called “UsingMiles”.

What is UsingMiles?
From the name of the company, the travel company was established to help frequent flyers to manage their loyalty program awards, points and miles. They had been the first and only award-travel site that provides this kind of service. However, they also have the option to search and book flights and hotel reservations. To be honest, I just stumbled on this site and it piqued my curiosity to how it actually works. But I got so pissed with their travel service of searching flights. I tried using their tool and it took forever loading. Like, seriously it was loading for half an hour and nothing happens.
Initially it will ask customers to sign up for their membership for FREE or Premier membership for $29.99/yr. I guess that’s too much money, even it’s just annually. Well, in exchange of that travellers will be able to manage and stay track with their miles, points and awards. But really, it doesn’t sound helpful at all. I remember customers of Amazon complaining about a 9.99 annual payment for Prime membership, I wonder what consumers of UsingMiles have to say?


UsingMiles Reviews of Consumers?
UsingMiles has several reviews shown on their front page which are not actually found online. If I were to be asked, who verified that these UsingMiles reviews are legit and not just made up? Them? We are not actually looking for negative reviews online, but at least a few ones from trusted commenting sites that we can believe are true reviewers or consumers. Because anyone can make up a “Carla (happy customer)”. I think UsingMiles is not that much being used that no customer had even generously written a review about them. Or maybe, no one had used the site at all. Free us from suspicion. Please.
UsingMiles Reviews-logo
How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                       www.usingmiles.com
  • Contact Number:                  +1 303-645-0531
  • Contact Email:                      krista@usingmiles.com
  • Head Office Address:           6400 S. Fiddler’s Green Cir., Ste. 975 Greenwood Village, CO
                                                80111 United States

YES to Miles, NO to Booking.
Just to let you know, some major airlines didn’t authorize managing mileage sites to stop keeping track of their members’ miles/points. Since some airlines find it offensive in a way. It’s like telling them their customers are not earning the right points and awards, wherein the sole purpose of the airlines’ frequent-flyer program is to provide travellers more discounts and not more payment such as the 29.99 membership by UsingMiles.

What can you say about them? Feel free to leave a comment below.